Anderson Silva's striking too fast and too accurate for Rich Franklin??

Anderson Silva is one of the most impressive strikers in the game and I am betting he will knock Rich Franklin out ..


What do you think of this statement?

If what he did to Chris Leben is any example of what he fights like well Rich is definitly in for a battle but. Remember Rich ran through Shamrock, Quary, Loiseau, Tanner, Riverra and Dewees.The last 2 are currently in the semis for Ultimate fighter 4 "The Come Back". All those fighters have excellent records better than Silvia. Rich is smart and thinks on his feet really well. He has only lost one fight, before he came to UFC, his record is the same as GSP. Silvia has only had one UFC fight and it wasn't against a great opponent. I don't think he'll pull it off at least not in his second UFC fight and not against a fighter the calibre of Franklin. Maybe if he can beat Loiseau and Swick. Then he'll have proven himself Worthy

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I think you are wrong.

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Anderson Silva is a great figher, but his boxing is nothing compared to Vitor belfort or Chuck liddell. His boxing is good, but Rich Franklin is a smart fighter and is more well rounded fighter.

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I don't think Anderson will KO him, but it will definately be an all out war. I think Rich is going to win. Remember, Rich beat Ken Shamrock, Edwin Dewees, Nate Quarry, and Evan Tanner twice. His only loss came from a man who was much heavier than him, Ryoto Machida, who is by the way a heavyweight.

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I agree. I think Rich realizes he might not be able to strike with him if you listen to him talk about his up coming fight, so right there Anderson's in his head!

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I believe that Silva's striking game is the best in UFC, but Rich Franklin isn't the champ for nothing. Franklin will be looking to take Silva Off his feet, cause he can't stand toe to toe with Silva. Look for many takedowns during this fight.

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