About Karate Forms...?

ive just gotten my gold belt and i already know basic forms 1&2, ive had to stop doing karate for awhile but im still praticing on my own and i was wondering if anyone had any advice to which form i should learn next


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Well, what about buying an instructional video/dvd for your particular style and check that you're getting the forms/ippons/renraku waza etc. right, or better still, get someone to practise with you?

Good luck!

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What style of karate - Shotokan, goju ryu, bushidokan, isshin ryu, wado ryu, or another style?

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Er, which style of karate are you using? Different styles have different kata, or forms, as well as different belts systems, so I have no idea what you've already learned.

I take shotokan karate, and our first six kata are Taikyoku Shodan, Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, Heian Yondan, and Heian Godan. After that it's the Tekki series, and then it usually varies.

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keep practicing your same forms you will get better

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Important, don't do anything or mix anything up that your Sifu doesn't teach you. They show you things in a specific pattern for a reason. Just practice all he has taught you and become very good at what you have learned. When you go back, it will likely make the next stage of learning much easier. If you dont intend on going back soon then do anything you want because you're not really learning anything unless you have a teacher there for you to correct your mistakes. Then when you've learned everything wrong for a long period of time, you go back to learn with a teacher and have to relearn everything the right way... Which is harder than just learning it.


if all you are training is forms, then that is all you will be good at and you won't be learning how to apply those to a fighting situation.

If your goal in taking karate is to learn to do pre-arranged forms and movements against imaginary opponents, then keep doing what you are doing, but I would reccomend you at least to take dance classes to make your dance routine more aesthetically pleasing.

If your goal is to learn to fight (so called "self-defence") then I suggest you either find a teacher to teach you those things, or at least work out the things you have learned on a bag or by "shadowboxing" but not in pre-arranged forms. from time to time you should also drill or spar with someone to keep sharp.

If you weren't at that level yet then you really shouldn't waste your time "dancing" and should find a teacher.

kata is just badly choreographed dancing.

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Considering your level, I would practice what you already know. Including your ippons, grappling, Kata, and Ki hon Kumite waza. I agree with what others have said. To introduce a outside source other than your instructor might set you back. Everything starts with basics so if you become proficient with them you are moving in the right direction.
Perhaps, if you ask your instructor he or she might have some things he could tell you that you could practice while you are gone.

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You need to get a training partner, otr get back into a class so that you may learn to apply these forms you practice.

Without resistence training with these forms and techniques you are learning you are essentially dancing in front of a mirror.

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