A grandmaster in these martial arts fight against each other in freestyle,who would be top of the league?

Question:Put them in order top to bottom and explain why.
Karate,tae kwando,aikido,kung fu,judo,Thai boxing.


Any internal martial art schools near Harlingen Texas?

Oh good Gods.

No true Grandmaster is going to want to fight. Fighting is NOT what the martial arts are about.

Ok, in this section we have had questions about Seven Segal vs Chuck Norris, we have had various artists pitted against each other, various famous individuals pitted against each other.

When is this trend going to stop?

Only a pedo could work as a ninja?

I think Thai boxing is #1 - I've seen these guys fight in person and its brutal...

Everything else is just about even

I have not seen this Eddie "Dirty" Sanchez fight, is he in a lot of trouble or what?

Mixed martial arts is growing. The best of these fighters would be equally good strikers as grapplers, mastering multiple techniques.

When i do backflips i how do i learn to untuck cus i over rotate and land on my ***/back?

Thai boxing
Kung fu
Tae kwondo would maybe beat my grandma if he had a bat.

You should have included BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) I would rank that equal with mui-thai

Do you have to register ?

Kung Fu, so many styles within kung fu that can counter any other style hands down. I've never been beat by anyone other than a kung fu fighter.

Which is better to fill the base of my freestanding heavy bag..sand or water?

it is hard to say but i did practice karate and it helped me alto bt it depends on the person more then the style

Ninedemonsgods and philip you give ma a very bad name.?

Kung Fu
Tae Kwando
Thai boxing

Kung Fu teaches some of what's in each of these arts, plus how to avoid your opponant.

How do u count to 10 in Korean?

only a fool would ask this question.and only a fool would answer with a serious answer.a martial artist would definately not ask or answer such a stupid question.
WHEN are the childish imbeciles with the thumbs down going to grow up?what do you expect everyone to agree with your opinion and bow down to you?

Who thinks Joe Rogan should be fired?

Hai Karate, below link show`s a real grandmaster at work ;)

Lobster Vs. sausage dog. what would win?

Actually based on stats, it would be jiu jitsu, thai boxing, judo, kung fu, tae kwon do, then karate. By the way, wrestling ranks below jiu jitsu and above thai boxing (real wrestling, not pro).

For anyone who does an external or hard martial art?

So what you are saying is that all of these guys have well over 20 years training in their respective arts and they are just going to throw that away and brawl?

This is such a stupid question. Why are they fighting? Is it sport? What are the rules? Where are they fighting? Are there chairs or other weapons? Are they in uniforms or street clothes? Are they all fighting at once or is it one at a time? Is it to the death? Is there a referee or judges? Do they have to adhere to their own style? Are they equal in size, age, sex, weight?

The Kung Fu guy would win. Why? Because I had to pick one.

The boxer PopĆ³, have you seen any fight of him?

The ones with the highest quality and frequency of training will rank highest.
There are no better arts, only better artists.

Style does not matter. Training practices matter.

Wing chun martial created by a woman any benefits ??

Which karate and Kung Fu?

My guess would be:

Sudokan Karate/Eshin Karate/Seido Karate
Muay Thai/Kyokushin Karate/San Shou/San Da
Tae Kwon do
all other Kung Fu and Aikido

Ninjitsu and the Army's combat training...?

so what ur asking is who would win out of




kung fu=


muay thai =

i would pick judo then thai boxing then karate then kung fu then tkd then origami then aikido

hope these vids helped

Who are the greatest kickboxers ever?

None of them would win because they would have more sense not to fight each other.

Next please!

Why is every one in the martial arts section getting thumbs down?

As they say it's not the size of the dog in the fight it's the size of the fight in the dog any style can beat any other if the fighter is the better fighter. As i'm sure you've seen on UFC.

What is the best form of high intensity cardio?

I'm with Bushido on this one. My problem is that you guys that ask this type of question are actually serious! Get a life, get to a dojo and burn off some of this energy. If you can't do that, go back to your console and play Tekken or Mortal Combat and answer your own daft questions.

Can Martial do this?

its true no grandmaster is going to fight BUT if you look at youtub some did ! so for bit of fun no. 1 i.t.f. tae kwon-do no.2kung fu no.3 thai boxing no.4 karate no.5 aikido and w.t.f.tae kwon-do no.6 judo < all martial arts are good for you just find one that suits you >

Judo/Jujitsu VS Kenpo?

Thai boxing -
Kung fu -
Karate -
Tae Kwan Do - the meaning says it all 'smashing with feet and fists'
Aikido - just as bad as judo, its all grappling and counter strikes from close range
Judo - completely rubbish, put em on their butt and they done for

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