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Is there a martial art developed in China that is legitimate and is still in existance?


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There many varieties of Shaolin Temple Boxing (Kung Fu) in China & they are very very good. They are legit & still in existance. The problem is in finding a legit instructor. They exist but they seem to be greatly outnumbered by charlatans.

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Several, the most notable of which is Tai Chi. Most people are unaware that Tai Chi is a martial training method. Kung fu, or Gung Fu started in the Shaolin Temples in China as well. Karate originated out of the southern Chinese martial arts and is also in existence today.

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of course.the many and varied styles of kung fu.and tai chi is known as the deadliest martial art.in fact it's one of the original martial arts after ma left india.what most ppl percieve as tai chi is a watered down,slowed down version.there are a few real teachers left but i dont know where you'll find one.most of them are frauds.
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Is taekwondo better that kung fu?

Many styles of kung-fu fit this description
Hung gar
Pai Lum

just to name a couple

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Speaking as a non-expert with only about 20 years or so experience, there are lots to legitimate Chinese arts still in existance.

Hung Gar
Pa Gua
Hsing I Chuan
Tai Chi (yes, there are still combat styles of Tai Chi)
Chi Gung
etc. etc.

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Yes Baqua, Sun Style.
Go to ShenWu.com
Tim Cartmell has trained in China for ten years, he has alot of knowledge (BJJ black belt, San Soo master, and various skills he learnt in China.) Plus he has legit fight record in Asia and the USA.

Is Long Fist Kung Fu Effective?

San soo
Choy li fut
Try those , they might be what your looking for.

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Tai Chi - especially Chen style.

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