Anybody know more about tito ortiz fighting dana white in a boxing match?


Ninjutsu In Sydney?

The event is for charity and is on Oct. 20th.

Kungfu/karate vs. street?

Sounded like a joke to me.

What are the differences between Tai Chi Chin Na and Shaolin Chin Na?

on here

Can someone give me a real good reason, why does ninjitsu is almost like forgotten? are they really that bad?

I wouldn't be surprised if it was a decent exhibition... Dana used to be a boxer.

Rolling aggresive should I be?

its on ppv for like 5 bucks and i want to see it bad. i hope it is not a joke though.

Can i learn martial arts like bjj ect online?

dana told Ortiz if he lets him win the boxing match he(dana) will tell hillbilly-liddel that Ortiz will win cuz thats the only way the drunk hillbilly wins is by who dana tell to lose for him,

Yup the drunk hillbilly could kick my *** but nobody cares!

Stronger Bicep?

No, but Tito Ortiz can throw me around anytime he wants to...

How long should you train before your first MMA fight??

didn't know but thanks for the info. Thanks

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