Another dumb question who would win in this fight?

Sandy from Sponge Bob or Raruto


Do you think bruce lee (if alive)can beat heavy weight champion fedor?

Come on! You should know by now that the answer is ALWAYS Chuck Norris.

Who would you like a snowball fight with?


┬┐Do you think that a mma fighter have to talk trash to prove that is a good fighter mentally?

o.k. sandy

What is the ultimate question?

who would win in this fight?
air or a lcd monitor

Will the UFC sign Fedor Emelianenko?


What do Brazillian martial artist think of Capoeira?

Raruto, cause I like the underdog!

Is Chuck Liddell the best fighter in MMA right now?

Sandy (one punch)

Kyokushinkai fighters where are you, like to ask learn grow, been in martial arts for 30 yrs. also weapon.?


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