Any books or other sources that can teach me (a beginner)about jujitsu and Brazilian Jujitsu and other jitsus.

I have always been interested in martial arts and everything that goes along with it. I would like to learn about it, the moves, the history... everything. Know any books or other sources that can quench my thirst for this type of knowledge?


What are the best types of martial arts?

I asked a similar question about jiujitsu a couple weeks ago I was given a couple good sites. Here they are

Matt hughes vs. 200 lb bear in a wrestling match, who wins?

Go to Bas
He's got a view video's that are awesome

All martial Artists! Is this website reliable?

Hurry to the nearest karate club, duh.

Run into a biker bar and whack someone with a pool stick and you will get an intensive study session.

Join the Marines. Not the Army. As a soldier I can tell you that the Army doesn't have the same quality.

Barnes and Noble bookstore has many good books. Don't pick up anything with Ashida Kim on it.

Wikipedia is free and quick but the information is incomplete and prone to misinformation to say the very least.

Buy UFC 1 on DVD.

Subscribe to Black Belt magazine

Try out for a water polo team. IFL in a pool with a ball. Hope you can tread water.

Don't watch kung fu flicks. They will brainwash you!

Go to martial arts seminars. They are always going on somewhere, especially during the summer.

I want to learn traditional muay thai. I live in san diego. suggestions?

Well I personally think that it's more of a hands on type of thing. You have to really get in there and try it our yourself instead of reading about it. Gracie academies are the best. The Gracies are the best grapplers ever and can teach very well.


The best advise I can give is that although books and videos are nice reminders and supplements, only real hands on instruction and intensive drilling will take you beyond the conceptual level. Find a good school with teachers you trust and practice daily. Use books and videos to keep your interest up and fresh ideas flowing.
Most importantly, make what you do a lifestyle more than a hobby.

How do I use ninja shuko and ashiko?

You want to learn brazilian jiu jitsu, you have to practice brazilian jiu jitsu, the net/books/videos are great reference materials, but if you don't have a qualify instructor to teach you the basics, you won't be learning too much.

About the History and the people, I would recomend you the series of video magazines Arte Suave, it has some great interviews and you get to see the big names of the sport training and giving their history and the history of the art

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