What's with UFC fighters?

Question:i respect UFC fighters a lot and i know they're really good and all but how come they say they know mixed martial arts and wrestling (i don't mean pro wrestling). When almost all of them are kick boxers that don't fight, kung-fu, karate or anything like that. Also even if they know judo or other wrestling martial art, they always use a tackle a move that doesn't require much tecnique and almost everybody can do to bring down a person.

I mean i wish i could see a real kung-fu fighter in UFC
or a real wrestler in UFC

like i said before this doesn't mean i dont respect UFC fighters, i just think they sould be called (at least most of them) kick boxers enstead of mixed martial arts fighters


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Randy 'The Natural' Couture was a world class wrestler for many years, and there are others such as Matt Hughs who where All-American wrestler's during collage. Serious credentials any way you slice it and they they back it up in the ring, regardless if they win or loss, but then again that IS the mark of a true athlete.

As to Asian influenced martial arts, they were used by many during the formative years of professional mixed martial arts competition. That they are not prominent today is primarily due to experience. The years have distilled what are winning techniques in this style of fighting and such forms were found lacking. This isn't to say they are inferior but instead that they are not suited to the format. Of course the Thai style is the most widely accepted of the Asian disciplines in the ring today but this is because it's primary strikes involve knees and elbows, both staples of a winning fighters repertoire.

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I know what you mean. I always wonder the same thing. To me, it almost feels like they're just strategically grappling each other but I don't watch it enough to know so I dunno.

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one style wouldn't survive in the ufc. a wrestler would get the crap knocked out of em. you need the ground and pound and submission knowledge to compliment your wrestling/muy thai/kickboxing/jiu jitsu/kenpo etc. you need stand-up punching knowledge to compliment it all. that why it's mixed martial arts, one style alone would get stomped on..to just go in there and wrestle, you'd be in a lot of trouble.
futhermore, the whole purpose of the ufc originally was to determine what style of fighting is the best, since everybody always claimed theirs was. the reason there is so much grappling (any form) is cuz it primarily, if used properly is the most devastating and in sorts is the best ala "gracie". and in truth jiu jitsu in real life on the streets is hands down most effective. my hubby is a detroit cop, and is also a jiu jitsu instructor..officers often call him specifically over the radio to a run for him to defuse a situation. no joke, one time there was 6 officers on the scene, my husband was the one, and only one who got the guy down--and then they all jumped in to help.
he claims one of the reason jiu jitsu is so effective is because during training you practice with a "gi" (uniform) which symbolizes clothing and you learn specific techniques to choke people out etc using their clothes (he also practices mma style--no gi).

dunno if i answered yor question or not..

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It comes from the idea that any fighting training is a martial art. I.E. Boxing, kick boxing, wrestling, etc. I realize that those are not martial arts in the traditional sense but they are martial arts for the 21st century. Can they be used for self defense? Yes.

MMA guys and girls mix boxing, kick boxing, muay thai, wrestling, Ju Jitsu, and some other arts to compete. Many of them are grapplers/wrestlers first (Matt Heughs). Most traditional artists (Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, etc.) are not well rounded enough to compete at that level.

I hope that answers the question.

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I don't think they fully practice martial arts. They just practice fighting styles. A martial art is more than just fighting style, it's a philosophy, a way of life, it's a culture. I know some people from Thailand and their way of practicing Muay Thai (the first kickboxing style) is totally different than the way regular gyms teach it. They keep a lot of traditions in their practices. In a gym where regular kickboxing is taught they'll just have you training to fight.
I really like to watch MMA, but rather than saying that they practice different martial arts, I'd prefer to say that they practice different fighting systems.

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You want to see a real kung-fu fighter in UFC?

You obviously didn't see the first UFC's as there were kung-fu fighters (as well as kenpo, ninjitsu, tae kwon do, etc) and they all..every one...got destroyed by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Kung Fu was proven long ago to be overall an ineffective art in MMA competition. If it were useful, MMA fighters would use it.

This is the same thing as what happened in the first few UFC's:

BJJ vs Kung Fu: http://youtube.com/watch?v=vn6pvpcrsti...

Another clip of BJJ vs Kung Fu instructor: http://youtube.com/watch?v=izyesscnh8y...

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That's because UFC sucks, and I don't know why everyone is so damn sparked up about it.

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You would appear to have no idea what you're talking about.

You have 3 main elements. Standing, ground, and submission.

Standing arts work for the standing fights, and include kick boxing and Muai Thai. However, they don't really cover the ground game.

Ground arts: BJJ for example covers next to no standing work. JJ covers the throws of Judo (Only slightly less of them) and ground work. Both also cover submissions.

Wrestling works to improve your position, but is why a lot of wrestlers can't finish.

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I don't think you understand ufc, UFC is mixed martial arts, if a fighter hasn't experienced different martial arts he/she won't survive in UFC or anything like it.

You haven't fought UFC before, but you should so you are then in a position to comment or question.

Who do you think will win?

They use what works.

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