A guy a bit bigger than you starts a fight with you, what would be your first move?

apart from get into postion.


My Gracie Jiu Jitsu teacher told me he was going to bring some instructional dvd´s next class. is this normal?

Turn and run - fast! My name's Hunt, not soap!

I try meditating but i cant channel my energy into one place?

Kick him in the b@lls.

How to increase fighting confidence?

pretend to faint..



Can i be a good fighter like this?

right foot first , then left foot etc etc.. in the opposite direction..

What M.A can I learn to increase my Wrestling Skills?

Knee to the balls and then run....

Which was the song played at the entrances of the fighters at the first UFC´s?

Step back, pull out my cellphone, Call 911..
Have him arrested for assault or assault & battery...
Better than breaking his nose and him having me thrown into jail...

Extreme Martial Arts?

give him money and let him take your lunch for a week

What are the beninfts of training?

go for the solar plexus, roughly around the base of the ribs and the top of the stomach, should wind him and give you time to run.

Help, I want 2 take a self defense class, or a DVD on it, any one know where I can attend a class in Phila,PA?

Definitely the balls, man.

What is traditional Karate?


Was The Black Guy With The Afro In Enter The Dragon Morgan Freeman In His Much Younger Days?

run like hell

How many of you out there think steve morris is one of the best martial artists out there ?

stamp on his foot.. and a right hook to the jaw it always works in the movies lol

What are some cool impressive skills to learn?

first i would like to know what the 'position' is...

how about tell him what nice shoes he has and ask where did he get them, that might work

How would Tito Ortiz do being a Ninja?

nose, eyes, throat, knees, neck. How fast do you want to finish the fight? Is it a shoving match or a life and death situation? There are a few variables to think about before you take action.

Brass Knuckles?

grab his fist, while you slide your foot at his front foot
pull his fist down and he will trip over your foot, while doing this take your other foot and chop right behind his knee, to make sure he collapses. he wont have anything to break his fall and he will go face first into the ground, then you can punch him or run up to you

Where are the reflex pressure points?

In the opposite direction

Kung Fu, Juijitsu, or TKD?

Go for the legs! I am a short guy, and anytime this has happened to me I have always gone for the legs. Put him on the ground and take away his height and weight advantage! Standing toe-to-toe with a taller or bigger person is usually stupid unless you have lightning hands and a concrete fist. Remember this is only necessary if you can't talk your way out or able to walk away! Fighting is pointless unless its your job or your forced to do it!

Who won the Chuck Lidell vs. Tito Ortiz II fight?

first jump at him then ball your fist up then stick your thumb up then slam your thumb in his throat then slap him around like he yo biitch.

How is breakdancing and the Brazilian fighting style Capoeria related?

Kicked between his legs, If it didn't work and then run like hell!!!!

Which is better to fill the base of my freestanding heavy bag..sand or water?

Errrrrrrr.. Kick them in the knees cause then they will fall to teh ground and you can run.. but you can just kick them in the nuts..x

What is muay thai kickboxing?

kick him in d family jewels then bail out of there

Do you suspect all these guys going on about real street fights...?

there are many moves to consider - some with devastating effect i.e fatal.

A lot of factors to consider , wieght , mobility, balance, reach, intent, and eye contact.

I tend to look right in their eyes - with a hannibal lector gaze . means that they dare not take another step forward, or all hell will break loose - bear yr teeth like a wild animal too.

Amazing how many times this has worked ~! people back off immediately !

Queston about Jeet Kune Do instructional video?

I f he is alot taller, I'd try to get inside, and take away his range advantage. Then I'd work his ribs, or if I knew that he was all steroided out,and that my strength was no match for his unnatural strength, I'd punch him directly in the throat. If no roids, though, I could probably take him.

Did anyone see Goofy "OWN" that guy on the news ? He punched him square in the head.?

Pray. One man I heard of, (a Christian ) was out numbered and about to be mugged when he said" If you mess with me you will have to deal with my three friends ," meaning the FATHER, SON and HOLY GHOST. His would be muggers became confused and walked away. I guess seeing no one else with him they thought he was nuts. If you choose to deal with this without GOD"S help then try this. Smile. My brother was trained as a Green Beret, A smile often confuses an opponent. Warning, if you show fear ,that's exactly what he's looking for. That's his signal to go ahead. Getting into a position is good. It says," Ok, you want to push me around? Well don't expect me to make easy for you." After returning from Viet Nam and exitting the military I grew my hair long again and twice I had been approached and threatened by two guys in uniform telling me they where going to give me a hair cut. when I took the position one said to the other,"I think it would be best if we left him alone," and walked away. A very good decision not knowing that I had recently returned with killing experience.

Any tips on stretches for side kicks?

1. don't get into position
2. depending on situation I'd either break his knee, tear his ears off or disarm if he has a weapon

Martial Arts?

Run, faster than I've ever run before?

Gift for a sensei?

"the bigger they are, the harder they hit the ground"

go to the knees, let him come to you, slide to a side and then, with the lower part of your foot, go straight to the side of the knee..

you will hear how it crackles...

but first try to talk to him

make love, not war and give peace a chance

Where is the best place to purchase a functional sword?

The best move would be not to let yourself get into that position. The second best move would be to walk away. Street fighting is not the same as the martial arts you practice in the dojo.

How would you describe circuit training to someone who is not familiar with it?

i would have to say let him strike first then u block and finish the fight but i learnd that martial arts is not about being the aggrssor but to be the defender just don't give up till u have finished the fight my mother and father always told me too that if i were to be the one to start the fight they would be the ones to finish it but if the other person starts it then i better finish it or they were going to finish my butt

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