Any casino or bar in Las Vegas where you can watch the pay per view UFC 67?


Is jiu jitsu good? can u tak on kung fu people if u are good at it?

The fight is in Las Vegas, I can garantee if you go to the hotel its being shown at and hang out till it starts they will give you "comped" tickets, they always give out free tickets after it starts (after the prelim fights) so when the live PPV starts on TV the place looks packed, even the biggest UFC event and the first PrideFC USA show they gave away over 1,000 free tickets, Id take my chances to go see it live and if not Im sure the hotel thats putting it on will show it free in the bar.

Who would win, "Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz vs. Renato "Babaloo" Sobral?

I know all Hooters locations show the ufc

I've heard of several Gracie's, are they all related?

No, you have to pay to go into the bars that do show it that night. Its blacked out in Vegas unless you pay. Trust me I looked for a year and a half

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