Anybody know how to increase jumping height?

I practice Tae Kwon Do. I've made some progress but I need to increase my jumping height. Any suggestions? Exercises? Chi Kung?


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This may sound old fashioned and crude, but it works.

First dig a hole approximately 1ft deep, then practice jumping out of it. When this becomes easy deepen the hole by about 6 in.

Repeat this process till you have improved your leap to the desired level .

Although it works bettter, if digging a hole is not possible, try jumping on stacked bricks . As you increase your vertical leap, increase the height of the bricks.

Best of luck to you !

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Chi Kung won't help much with the height of your jump directly, but may add to the lightness of your feet, strengthen your legs, and teach you many things about weight distribution, transition, posture awareness, and whatnot. To just increase your jump height, simple and straight forward western plyometric exercises will help immensely.

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do the old fashion way like my pop told me.
dig a whole 1inch deep, jump in and out 100 times a day repeat for a week or 2.
dig another inch every 2 week or so and repeat.

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Just keep jumping. Do frog jumps for an hour. When you jump dont land on your heel, just keep springing back to another jump.

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