A product for boxing?

I would like to take boxing lessons for my senior project at school, but i need to have product. What could be a good product for boxing?


Opinions on jeet kun do?

Shoes, Groin protector, Gloves, Mouth piece and Head protection.

Meditation for martial arts?


How many years to get a black belt in brazilian jiu jutsu?

energy drinks.

What were the techniques used by the shaolin monks to condition they're bodies?

Everlast, Energy Drinks, Or any other brand.

Does wing chun work?

why don't you take it, and then decide once you have taken lessons.

personally I think a dummy that has adjustable hands to mimick somoene'es guard would be a good idea- two stupid manniquin hands in adjustable poses on one of those already existing ovverated overpriced "man shape" punching dummies is simple and would add some flavor.

You can even then add a "part 2" where the arms could remote controllably (by your coach) be moved up and down.

This product would be totally useless as it would probably just be cheaper (making it not cost-effective) to hire a sparring partner for an hour.

GIRLS ONLY! girls if we were in a "no rules" fight with a guy whats the best way to distract him then beat him

why dont you knock him unconcious and then say thats the product of my boxing lessons?

How can i make mats for martial arts training?

You need to get a nickname and then produce your own merchandise. Sell hats, T-shirts, and so on. You will be your own product.

Tae Kwon Do exercises?

Roseanne as your sparring partner.

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