Any VCD/DVD/video cassettes on learning Tai-Chi?

Anyone knows where I canm get one?


Where can I find the fake set-up Couture win on the web? Please help!?

I am not sure where you might live, but I am in southern California and frequent the China Town in Los Angeles. There are shops and street vendors that carry all sorts of VCDs and DVDs that pertain to martial arts, including Tai Chi Chuan - the only drawback being that they are completely in Mandarin or Cantonese! If you don't mind that (I don't), have a player that can handle them, and are willing to haggle a little for a better price, I highly recommend your area China Town!

Even better if your uncle picks them up for you from Beijing like mine does from time to time!

Is a punching bag a useful asset for someone who does taekwondo?

ya go to bestbuy they have everytihng

Good gift to get a karate instructor?

There are several places: E-bay, martial arts mart, etc. Some stores carry them such as Best Buy and such

What are the best MMA Magazines?

Yes go to and do a search.

Or if you have netflix, they have a huge assortment.

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