A mix of BJJ and Muay Thai the ultimate fighting combo?

I have been training in Muay Thai for a few years and just recently started to cross train in BJJ. Does anyone think this is possibly the best combo to learn today or is there another more effective system?


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Any weapons system will be more effective today.
For instance, who do you think wiill win?

I have a knife and have trained in how to use it through various philpino disciplines and you have your bjj and muai thai.

I have a gun and have trained how to target and moving target shoot, who do you think will win?

There is no Ultimate fighting combo. anyone can easily substitute sambo for bjj and boxing or any other striking art for muai thai and can have excellent skills. It all depends on how you train, and what intensity you train at and how you round out your training (which does cover stand up and ground very well).

The only thing you need to be wary of is not to get cocky. Otherwise you will run up against a judoka or pankration, or samboist who can wipe the floor with you on the ground, or grappling, and might have excellent striking skills with just plain boxing, karate, kempo, or cma.

Are some stylists more likely to be full of it than others? of course, but the trouble is, you won't know if they are any good till you cross hands or roll with them will you? With the MT and BJJ rep, if someone of another system comes to play with you, you gotta figure they have something to bring to the table- IMO thats the best way to approach it.

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I personally prefer the Smith & Wesson / Beretta combination myself.

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The best combo it to be equipped with everything, with that said that makes a good combo.

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It is a very good combination, it does have alot of what you need.
Muay Thai, elbows, knees, clinch, punches, kicks.
BJJ, take downs, submissions, stand ups.

But be open to learning other things. Boxing and wrestling for example.

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Great combination, other poster had it right as well.

But as far as a base, those two are great. Add in some wrestling (for the No Gi aspect, as well as takedowns since BJJ's weakness is good wrestlers) and I think you are good to go.

Just do what you enjoy! Those two are both great arts as far as effectiveness, particularly because of great training methods.

I would say it is a good combo, ultimate combo would be more than just two arts!

Good luck.

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Though Muay Thai is called the king of Martial art,I consider practically Savate and Taichi best for self defence.

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It sure works for Wanderlei Silva.

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