Any funny testing or before testing stories?

Question:We all have them. We all have done something particularly silly either before or during a test.

Here is my funniest:

'Twas lo' the night before my yellowbelt test (second level yellow).

I visited a friend, or so I thought he was a friend until this incident. In the middle of the table was a huge plate of yummy brownies. He knew I was testing the next day.

I dug right in. My friend encouraged me to eat my fill. When I had eaten three and did not want any more, he encouraged me to eat a few more. I did. I should have known that his grin indicated there was something wrong with this.

They were not "normal" brownies. For the younger forum members who do not know of this sort of thing, they were Hash Brownies.

I was stoned for two days. I have no clue how I passed the test and it is a testamony to my skill that I was able to pass. I was told that I was not "up to par" that day but did manage my basic requirements... barely.

My friend laughed himself senseless.


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Right before my Brown Belt test I put a sword thru my hand catching it from falling off the wall. My brother grabbed a roll of duct tape and well the video has a large silver lump in my right hand looks like I'm holding a ball thru the entire test. Ahh memories.

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Good question. Your story is hilarious! In my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class you must submit someone with a higher belt than you to get your belt. I had just come back from winning the state championships for the white belt division and after class one day I sparred this big Indian guy and got mounted, gave my back, and almost got submitted. We were both white belts but they gave him the blue belt(My sensei told me he should have been a purple belt already). I was devestated. At that point I was training 5 days a week cardio and 5 classes a week as well as surfing. I thought for sure I would get my blue belt. Anyways two months later Charuto the black belt from Brazil came up to me after class and threw a blue belt over my shoulder. He told me, "You should of had this a long time ago." No recognition in front of the class just a simple gesture. It was a very humbling experience. Aloha

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i had a simular experience to just a reg.guy. but it was my black belt.i gave it back and told the second highest rank in australia that i was offended and i wouldn't except it.i'll earn it when i grade for it.i do have a bit of a story though it's funny now to me(most dont think it is).we had a karate camp (years ago) my kids graded the first day and i had to grade the next.on the way home(we didnt stay)i had a blow out and rolled the car.the only thing that saved the kids from getting possibly hurt was the fact i was jammed in the seat that hard that i held the roof up with my head.(real funny the roof was caved in except the bulge where my head was) anyway i got the kids out and then passed out.i was trapped by the seat belt,when i came to i rolled the car back over and drove home.(every one must of really wanted the car,they were all looking at it as i drove down the day i drove back in my other car(i left out it was a 60 mile round trip)and graded,with concusion and black eyes and bruises and f..k was i sore.noone asked me about the injuries i had and i didn't tell anyone until about 3 months later.i easily done the grading(the person that came nearest to me was throwing up 1/2 way through the grading)and i was twice as old as anyone else there.that made me happy.but anyway like i said i think it's funny now,but i'm not sure anyone else would see the humour in it?
HAHA i just got the bit about the brownies.2 days?they wern't real good's not really funny when someone sucks you in like that,but you cant help but laugh anyway?

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That was pretty funny I don't think I could top that.

But during my breaking technique in my red belt testing, I was performing an Axe kick, and my standing leg slipped on the hard wood floor and I busted ny tail pretty hard in front of everyone.

I played it off like I meant to do it but everybody knew I was joking

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I hate the thought of Gradings!

If you are that good you will be given your grade and not have to do certain things on a certain day!

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