Any Martial Arts Philosophy for me??

Question:ill appreciate anything whether it be:
links to martial arts philosphy
your own thoughts (philosophies) on martial arts
even some you copy and paste from other sites or
ones you type from memory


No rubbish thought eg. "yes its cr@p" or whatever else morons like that think... i only want proper stuff no offensive or abusive stuff please..


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My wing chun instructor used to say; ''Go with what comes, stay with what goes''.

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I've been an active martial artist since 1979, and an enthusiast since I was a little kid watching "Billy Jack" at the local drive-in back in the early 70's. I've taught Wing Chun and Chinese Kempo since the early 80's, and I've been in more street fights than I bothered to count. If I could only share one thing with you, it would be this:

Learn to be a warrior.

It has nothing to do with being the best martial artist on the planet, because I don't believe there is such a thing. It doesn't mean dedicating your life to intense physical and spiritual training, although a warrior will incorporate both into his/her life. It doesn't mean being aggressive, or thirsty for battle.

Being a warrior means to know oneself, where you fit into the world, and how to exert your will in unity with what is in your heart. Warriors understand that they are no more important than anyone else, and they are no less important, either. Warriors learn their craft, whether that is empty-handed fighting, traditional weapons, or modern (firearms, electronics, booby-traps, etc.). A warrior knows the importance of understanding how the world works, and how people think and act. By understanding your environment, you will be able to better accomplish your objectives. Not all fights need to be fights. Not all opponents are your enemy.

Lastly, a true warrior values life above all else, and understands the fleeting nature of it. Make death your constant companion, keep it close to you. By always keeping this in your mind, you will live a brighter, more meaningful life. Everything you do, do it like it was the last thing you will ever do in your life. When you eat your dinner tonight, enjoy it like it is the last food you will ever eat. When you wash your car, wash it as though it will be your final act in life, and it will be given over to a deserving relative. Extract every drop of meaning and enjoyment you can, from everything you do, and make this the way you live your entire life. Someday, death will take you home, and the life you lived will have been that of a warrior's.

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All goals require a poom-sae or pattern. Even in life we have structured patterns. When you're born, you learn communication and basic skills in the home. A few years later, you are enrolled into kindergarten or elementary school. Following this comes high school. During high school, we begin to decide the direction we will take in life. We choose a college and/or a career goal. This is the pattern of the first part of our life. If you choose a good pattern, you can be a success. If your pattern is poor, you may not be as successful in your life endeavors.

Similarly, your chances of success in Songahm Taekwondo are much greater by following the solid series of patterns (forms) we have developed for our students.


Note: Songham means pine tree and rock in Korean culture. In Songham Taekwondo, the student begins as a seedling and must grow and develop into a strong, stable tree.

White Belt
"Pure and without the knowledge of Songahm Taekwondo. As with the Pine Tree, the seed must now be planted and nourished to develop strong roots."
The student has no knowledge of Songahm Taekwondo and begins with a clean (pure) slate.
Purity is often signified by the color white.

Orange Belt
"The sun is beginning to rise. As with the morning's dawn, only the beauty of the sunrise is seen rather than the immense power."
The beginner student sees the beauty of the art of Taekwondo but has not yet experienced the power of the technique.
Orange is found among the many colors of the sunrise

Yellow Belt
"The seed is beginning to see the sunlight."
The student begins to understand the basics of Taekwondo.
The sun appears to be yellow.

Camouflage (Camo) Belt
"The sapling is hidden amongst the taller pines and must now fight its way upward."
The student begins to realize his/her place in the world's largest martial art. The student must now begin to spar in order to promote in rank.
Camouflage (greens) is used to hide among the trees in the forest.

Green Belt
"The pine tree is beginning to develop and grow in strength."
The student's technique is developing power. The components of the basic techniques are beginning to work in unison.
As the pine tree develops, it sprouts green pine needles.

Purple Belt
"Coming to the mountain. The tree is in the mid-growth and now the path becomes steep."
The student has crossed over over into a higher level of Songahm Taekwondo. The techniques, poom-sae (forms), and level of gyeo-roo-gi (sparring) becomes more difficult, creating a "mountain" that must be overcome.
Mountains are often depicted as being purple.

Blue Belt
"The tree reaches for the sky toward new heights."
Having passed the mid-way point, the student focuses his/her energy upward toward black belt.
The sky appears as blue.

Brown Belt
"The tree is firmly rooted in the earth."
At this point the student has mastered the basics and developed deep roots in Taekwondo.
Brown is known as an earthy color, such as dirt.

Red Belt
"The sun is setting. The first phase of growth has been accomplished."
The first day (the period of time from white belt to red belt) of growth is coming to an end. The physical skill has been developed but lacks control; therefore, physical and mental discipline must now be achieved.
Variations of red are found among the many colors of the sunset.

Red/Black Belt
"The dawn of a new day. The sun breaks through the darkness."
The previous day has ended, giving way to a new dawn. The student must begin a new phase of training; that of being a black belt.
The red is the sun (in a sunrise) as it breaks through the black of night.

Black Belt
"The tree has reached maturity and has overcome the darkness... it must now 'plant seeds for the future.'"
The color black is created when all the colors of the light spectrum have been absorbed into an object. That object has "taken control" of the colors and retained them. If one color was to "escape", the object would no longer be black but would appear as that color. The student has mastered the nine geup (grades) of Taekwondo. He/she has "absorbed" all the knowledge of the color ranks and overcome or "mastered" that level or training.
The colors of the spectrum are bound together and are not reflected off an object, resulting in the absence of color which we call black.

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'Man need only ask but one question - does this help me live a better life?' William James 1905

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"Learn how not to fight"...Bruce Lee

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tradition and philosophy is what i hate about martial arts, i train in submission grappling and muay Thai kickboxing and am a huge fan of MMA all i care for is competition entering a ring and fighting, that how u find out what is effective and what is not,

all u need is 1 year of wrestling and 1 year of kickboxing and ull beat a traditional martial artist of 15 years' quote by chuck liddel UFC light heavy weight champion and former wka heavyweight champion (kickboxing).



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"with our clenched fists, we could not shake hands."

Chojun Miyagi- founder of Goju Ryu

"knowing is not enough, we must do. Willing is not nough, we must apply." Bruce Lee

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