A Misuse of Aikido? Making someone say uncle so you don't have to fight.?

Question:Lets say you work with someone who talks a lot of smack, or there's someone who hangs out with your friends who is known to be violent or "psycho" and this person likes to get in your head and mess with you, like subtle intiimidation tactics, implying you don't want to fight. Could you just go, when your playing around, "want to see something trippy?" and submit them without wrestling around on the ground or trading punches?
I heard aikido doesn't practice offense but if your heading off something worse, its a defensive thing, no?


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This person has already won. He has already been able to "get in your head and mess with you" and is making you stoop to his level. If you react, which is exactly what he wants you to do, then he is in control of you. You can be your own person or you can let others control you. You don't need to do anything. He can talk all he wants. Man up and don't allow yourself to be pulled into other people's childish games.

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Aikido is in my opinion the best because it allows one to act offensively through defence. It allows you to use the other persons momentum against themselves and unlike others were a fellow is stepping into you, you guide him to the ground with an arm bar or such. You toss him and allow his own momentum to snap a limb. It also teaches alot about small circle techniques. You have to try it. It's awesome!

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That's just an excuse to indulge your ego and to engage in sadism. There is no harmony in it...no wisdom. There is zero chance for it to have a positive outcome.

It most definitely is not Aikido.

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That is a misuse, yes. I would suggest very strongly and with very direct eye contact saying "Enough, back the f off. How old are you anyway". This may start an altercation but there is a level that needs to be set. This is the first level of self defense. He is already attacking and you should respond but with words.

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there are very few martial arts that are practical in actual street fighting. this is mainly because martial arts have rules and forms, which your opponent will not follow. also, many holds can be broken if your attacker is significantly stronger than you, and not all throws are effective if the opponent is bigger than you.

if you get the arm bar, what are you going to to when he grabs your sack and twists, yknow?

in my opinion, you should either just get over it and let it go (best option - who cares if he's trying to intimidate you? by trying to fight back you're only proving to him that it's working.), or just beat him up so badly he never wants to see you again (not such a great option - he could beat you and then you'd be even worse off.).

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It sounds like you want to beat him up, but you will settle for submission. I say go for it. You can get out some agression without really hurting him.

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All martial arts is about thinking as well as physical pounding, don't let ego get in the way and you can out smart this guy

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You do not need to hurt this person, i have been in this exact situation. I have been in judo for a very long time, and this one guy that was at my friends house was talking smack for a long time, i just laughed him off, which angered him further. My friend, which happens to be my kung fu training partner, told him to back off, because i could kick his ***. i just told my friend to leave him alone. eventually i told this kid that we were going to go into the backyard. when we get out there, i size him up, about 230 pounds, so he had about an eighty five pound advantage, so a cakewalk for me. i took off my watch and glasses, set them down onto the table, walked out into my friends back yard, just me and him, nobody else watching, and he came at me, i moved inside his fist, and threw him with a hip throw from judo, harai goshi, and he landed hard, i then proceeded to tangle his arm, i didn't hurt him, i didn't apply any pressure, i just let go, got up and we actually became friends after, so you don't have to hurt anyone, just a small demonstration is all it takes, because when that big guy felt like a ragdoll in my hands, completely helpless, it scared him, without hurting him, and you gain respect from it, it is appreciated.

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Yeah it is a misuse of what you learned by starting things, plus you're just givin' them a reason to cause trouble with you. plus it's not defensive to show off to someone, better to keep quiet then reveal how foolish you can be.

and besides that you're being no better than them for starting up some s**t yourself just to show off to them. and you're only stooping to his level of "playing head games", and letting them get to you only let's them know that they can get under your skin and control your emotions and reactions.

but if they were to start something and you use your techniques you've learned to subdue them without hurting them and giving them something to think about the next time they want to start problems with you like that again, then more than likely they won't do it again, and you'd be well within your right to defend yourself.

practicing ANY techiniques you learn in a Martial Art should be done in class with other students who're learning how to control their techniques as you are. and not "tried out" on a friend.

acting as your describing only shows how immature YOU can be, and therefore no better than those who go looking for trouble to begin with.

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There are circumstances where that would be appropriate. If it helps avoid a fight, it makes sense to me.

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i have the same problem, but overcame it with "deliberate ignorance" or ignoring his insults, htere was one 1 occasion where he put me in a full nelson, as a student of judo, i simply tossed him aside, and as Roy B. said earlier he felt helpless the only thing that i hurt was his pride(he was showing off to his friends). remember if you know you can win why fight.

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''The best trait of a fighter is to know how not to be one."

Is he really hurting you or your ego. I understand what you mean, and learned it the hard way.When he tries a physical confrontation,defend yourself. That is why being in the arts is great. You have nothing to prove and dont need to. Good Luck and remember to ask yourself if your actions are worth their punishment or risk?

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This is what I would do warn him once to stop bothering you. Warn him a second time. Third time just put his sorry *** in a submission. Don't seriously injure him cause you could go to jail just take care of business. I'm assuming the guy is a grown adult in which case it is his fault. I'm also assuming you are a skilled figther. I mean come on if you are a grown man you have no business harassing someone else. You have to pay you should know better.

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Some Interesting responses.

Only you know how much this guy will hurt himself with his mouth.

If he is going to get a severe beating because he thinks he is an MMA legend, or he has watched too many Steven Seagal movies he is destined for a beating.

I think you are asking our permission to show him how little he truly knows without really hurting him.

I have been around too long to think that you will do this without feeling satisfaction. But, it is still better that you show him in the backyard without injuring him too bad.

It will be best if he asks for it.

I used to do this all the time. (10 or 15 years ago) And I assure you I did it for my ego more then to help them. But regardless of why I did it, it helped them from getting spanked down-town.

I prefer a choke move for this. It is fast and very brutal. It only lasts seconds, but the person on the receiving end will NEVER forget it.

If you coax him into an attack, quickly shuttle him passed you. once behind him apply a rear naked choke.

If he fancy's himself a wrestler and chooses to shoot on you, a strong fast guillitione will end it.

If you are not sure you can perform what I just explained on any novice in under a minute. You have no business asking this question.

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if you want to do something like use an offensive art

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