ANY1 WHO HAS ABS ! or has ever punched sumbody who has abs?

Question:Have u ever been punched or punched somebody who has a visible 6 pack in the abs
Was it flexed or unflexed, howd it feel, give details
how and y did it happen


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Idiot MMA fans (PRIDE+UFC)?

lol when i was younger i used 2 have sum rock hard abls... ne ways it just feels like u hittin sumthin. not ecaxtly hard but sturdy... and the blow is partially absorbed

Im wanting to train in MMA i have submission and stand up skills but were do i start?

If you breathe out all the air in your lungs before allowing someone to hit you in the abs, you can absorb a much harder punch without feeling sick.

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unflexed would be the same for everyone... flexed would just feel like punching solid muscle... it's kinda hard to describe...

I've been a ninja for 25 years, I always punch people in the stomach and vanish into the darkness of the night...

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