About Tasudori (multiple attacks), what factor should you be aware of during attacks..?

How should i answer this? Tasudori is in japanese, meaning multiple attacks.. i study aikido, and i need to know the factors i should be aware of during multiple attacks.. (ex: 10 peoples attacks you, so?)


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Uhm... awareness of the number of enemies. whether they have weapons or not. most importantly - where's the escape route?

I dont' care how long you've studied, running is way better than fighting 10 people.

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The nearest escape route.

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For those trained in Karate and similar arts.

First: a "Wall" is your friend,as no attack can come at you from behind.

Second: Try to "Break" anything that comes at you.
(Punch comes in,break the arm.Kick comes in,break leg)

Third: Operate at "Full Power"

Fourth: Nothing is out of bounds.
(Eye strikes,groin strikes,knee kicks,throat strikes,etc.)

Fifth:(Also goes for first as well,"Get the hell out of there!)

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the one thing you need is never get tired and in a fight there are no meanings of the words "limitations", "illegal" or "impossible".

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If 10 people attack you, you are getting your butt kicked. I don't care if you are Jet Li. Nobody can take on 10 guys. Even if you have a gun and they all attack, you can take out maybe 5, but the other 5 will get you. Now if you can punk them out and scare the * out of them, that's a different story. But that has nothing to do with Aikido.

I hate to say it, but if you are studying aikido thinking you are going to be able to take on 10 guys, you are in the wrong art for the wrong reasons.

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I don't see it as a series of factors, i see it as a feeling, a sense of all of the surroundings.

If you need to list the factors i can't help you. But if you want to know where to put your awareness perhaps i can.

Aikido is about universal harmony - your awareness should be on all your surroundings as though they are one and in harmony, and you should make yourself part of that harmony. flow with it, dance with it. It is the same whether you are working with one attacker or many.

The ground, the wall the attackers their weapons, they are all part of this harmony, this dance. Even the air that you breath is part of it. Focus on the hara, feel the harmony and dance.

when you are in harmony, you are safe - anything anyone does will just seem like another part of the dance. No one can resist you because there is nothing to resist. Noone can stop you because there is nothing to stop. Noone can hit you because their strike just becomes part of your dance.

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