Anybody knows where i can downloads mma arm-bars and other stuff to learn aboutmit before i go to a gym ?


Shaolin kung fu in orange county?

Just go to the gym...I always run into guys who come to my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes after watching instructional videos or the UFC and their success rate at applying the techniques or defending them doesn't get much better. If you don't have a decent base already established (an understanding of body positioning, movement, etc.) chances are you're going to get schooled by someone who does.

I'll be honest. It sucks being the newbie at a gym since everyone basically uses you as a "dummy" for techniques they couldn't normally get off on a regular, but it's how you learn. And, in a few months, you'll probably be doing the same thing to the next newbie...

Any exercises for your shins/lower leg?

do a search on youtube for gracie juijitsu or ju jitsu. there are a few instructional videos there.

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