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Question:One of my close relatives [who I live with] was saying to me that girls dont do boxing [they are big boxing fans]. I wanted to do boxing to give this lad who calls me his ** [bich] a piece of my mind. but my relative said Asian girls dont do boxing. I dont do boxing now - but I have a hard fist.
He said I could do karate [cuz girls do it] but loads of people say it could take years for the skill, when I havent got years, I'm only gonna stay in this school for another 8 months, and I wanna teach this lad a lesson - not to mess with me. [I'm not talkin just a punch, he swears and throws stuff at me and lies to me and spits on me and hits me]


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Never allow anyone else to set boundaries for you, do as you lease nto as other tell you.

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The art of karate takes years to perfect as it is a very specialised craft. You will learn the rudiments in 8 months but not enough to teach this guy a lesson.

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You don't have to do boxing. Kick him right between the legs, and when he is down stomp on his face - hard.

Which martial art is more effective for practical street self defence: kung fu or karate?

I used to go Karate, and it doesn't take a lot of time to master the basic skills. It just takes you're will to do it. I've mastered the basics and progressed to blue belt 1 in under a year. You could join a Karate club for a bit, get some DVD's, or even hire a tutor. You should practice for at least 20 - 30 minutes a day and before you know it you'll be great. However use you're skills wisely.

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Take up Tae Kwon Do. It takes 3 and a half years to reach black belt, but you'll learn some great kicks within the first 6 months and how to punch. More importantly it teaches you control and hopefully you will earn his respect without having to kick his butt. But, girls do boxing too.

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I'm with Celianne. I'm a guy, and never want to be hit or kicked there. But this jerk sounds like he needs it. Who knows. Maybe it's his "reset" button.

Are You Familar with this martial art? Watch this video...?

why not join up for some self defence lessons. they should help.

For everyone who has ever done martial arts?

Simply a hard kick around the goin and knee him in between of his leg and he surrender..=) Dont have to do boxing to impress the person.
Well then for his fren juz use whateva eu have to throw and whack them.

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Ishaa your such a demure young lady anymore like you at home

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You're wrong. When you start taking self-defense, they teach you it's 'self-defense.' The point isn't learning how to whoop someone's *** just to be aggressive, you learn defensive tactics. Plus, very few, if any, chicks who try to kick a guy between the legs actually make contact. guys have a well-honed sense of things flying at their junk at a great rate of speed.

I'd suggest learning how to shoot a pistol and pop him in the shin. Or take up softball and use a bat.

Just for self defense.1.5 inch very small knife.smaller than your fingers...?

Here a link to the
Women's International Boxing Fereration
I'm a boxing coach and have trained lots of girls.
Phone one of your local boxing gyms. they all train girls
Good luck
Keep your hands up and chin down

Who here trains for mma or BJJ/ belt/ school/ location/ teacher?

Girls do box.They now have a Golden Glove Division for girls. Also muhamad Ali's daughter is a pro boxer. Don't get into boxing to beat someone up do it because you enjoy the sport. Check out some local boxing clubs. They will train you in the right and wrong way of doing it. They have safety measures that are different for girls.

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Grow a set.

Which is best for self-defence : kickboxing or muay thai?

Before you do anything mate i would learn to SPELL!!!!

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You can learn karate or kick-boxing. Just Visit as many martial arts schools in your area as possible and try out some lessons to make sure that you're happy with how/what they teach.
I'm a girl' and I started when I was 33 years old, so you're never too old to learn. It's best to learn when you're young.

Anyone know where I can get a Bonsai karate gi online? (like the one in the karate kid)?

Sure if you want to take up boxing, or any martial art, go for it. Doesn't matter who you are or where you're from. But do it for the right reasons. To win a specific fight, just to beat someone up, to get revenge - these are not the right reasons and any teacher worth their salt will turn you away if you show up at their class with that attitude.

Do you seriously think his 50 mates aren't going to beat you up after even if you've taken boxing? Boxing is an art too - you won't be an expert in that after 8 months either. And boxing has rules; fighting doesn't.

So here's a better plan. He hits you, calls you names, throws stuff, whatever - go to your teacher. If it's serious, go to the cops. Martial arts are for self-defence and self-discipline. Sounds like you could use both, but it sounds more like you want to punish this guy than to defend yourself, and that's just wrong.

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Any martial arts are not there to be learn to use to get your own back!! It takes quite a few years to learn basics to perfection!! To be hard you don't need a hard fist as you put it all you need is your head to think!!

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i used to kick-box and there were a lot of girls in the class. Do what makes you happy, and if it's learning how to fight that raises your self esteem and makes it possible for you to deal with this punk than do it. Just don't go kicking somebody in the nuts.

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You are best off avoiding him as much as possible. If he is assaulying you & threatening you, you should contact the police. If you try to fight him, you are likely to lose, especially as he has a lot of friends. They are just as likely to retaliate against you if you beat him in a "fair" fight as they are if you kick in the groin.

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Firstly find a good school that teaches either Judo or even Karate.
Secondly dont use it to BEAT him up use it to ford off any blows and defend without hitting, this should show him that you know how to control yourself.
It will take alittle time to learn the basics then continue to learn more in time. Do not give it up as it will do you good in later life.

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Your family tells you girls don't box? Hasn't your family ever heard of Laila Ali, Muhammed's daughter? She's won the IBA, WIBA & IWBF championships.

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hire a contract killer that will teach no body to mess with you

Is it common to witness a sensei (instructor) get upset at a student?

i'd call you a moron only you wouldn't even have the iq to reach that status.

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The art of fighting is NO figthing!
As many others mentioned that martial arts are meant for self-defence. It is not a bullet-proof skill to warn off somebody. The most dangerous thing in martial arts and fighting are unpredictability when you encounter the unexpected. Don't be emotionally get mad with this guy, it is worthless. Let him be, and train hard with your techniques and enjoy and respect the positive sides of martial arts. Violence does not solve problem. Revenge is a bad intention too!

Anyone use a rolling pin on their shins?

hmmmm, you sound fiesty and that is perfect for capoeira. Capoeira is the martial art developed by slaves in brazil. There is not strict movement regiment and you can get really strong really fast. I lost 20 lbs ina month just going to twice a week classes.

It has caused me to jump higher and kick harder/ faster and i don't even practice regularly. If i can't imagine it. I'd be doing back flip kicks like the rest of them. My teacher can back flip kick without tucking and in less than the blink of an eye. I literally can't see him move because he's so fast, sometimes.

I would recommend this. Girls do boxing., haven't you seen million dollar baby?

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boxing isnt going to teach you anything more effective than a kick in the nuts so if u must fight then thats probably ur best option. If your worried his mates will beat u up... then hey take a hint... dont attack him! Duh!

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