Anybody interested in a multi arts seminar in march 2007?

martial arts , kungfu, jeet kuen do,filipino,okinawan karate inc pressure points.systema,tang soo do , Aikido


I'm just a woman but had $40 to spend and watch last night's UFC fight? What about the men that didn't see it

Sounds cool...what's the weather like in March in S Wales?

What season of the Ultimate fighter did you like better?

is it held in cardiff?

How to stop getting nervous in my matches ?

will there be" judo " only i have never tasted israeli pastry.

What should I do to prepare for tournament?

Ye will check out your link - goodluck hope it goes well for you if I can't make it myself

Krav Maga: Do groin kicks work well against palastinian chicks?

Sounds good, i'm sure it will be good, sorry I can't make it.
Good luck and have fun!

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