Any martial artists out there?

I am an advanced brown belt in tae kwon do. (One step under black or 1st gup). I train 3 days a week. Hopefully soon my instructor will let me test for my blackbelt. This isn't really a question, but it's just to see if anyone has any thoughts on different types of martial arts...


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I am a Tae Kwon Do student & instructor. It is a very good style. There are other good styles, all having strong & weak points. Good luck on your test.

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Hi I am sitting my blackbelt on Sunday and getting very nervous now. Any constructive advise?

Good for you!! Im sure with continued persistence & dedication you will come out ahead and take your BB test!! Ive also done the TKD along with a variety of other arts...Kenpo,Kung Fu,Karate etc...its a real treat to hear the spirit flow from your inner self.Love your Id sign too!! Cool!!

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i used to be. i took karate for about 5-6 years and i stopped as a brown belt like yourself.

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congrats! just remember to be patient, your instructor know the moment you are ready, even if you don't..

good job and keep up the good work! remember martial arts is a wonderful journey of body, mind and spirit!


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Good for you! Once you have gained your black belt... try a more challenging art and see what other martial arts are out there. Be prepared to get punched! you need to learn to block the face!

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not many lot of make believe ones.
keep training hard you'll get there.theres no harm in doing other styles once you get your fact it's a must,in my opinion.

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Congratulations on your achievements! As for other martial arts, I might suggest an art that is more balanced, focusing on all aspects of fighting rather than just legwork. Possibly Krav Magaa or Shaolin gongfu. I did Shotokan before getting involved in Shaolin and as a woman, I find Shaolin better suited to my body type. Not to sound sexist, but women have a hard time building the muscle required for a tigerish art like Shotokan and Shaolin doesn't focus on physical strength the way Shotokan does.

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Try kick boxing you will put youre tae kong do skills to a real test

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i've been doing taekwondo different styles, ju-jujitsu and tried aikido and karate...what i can say is each style can teach a lot if you train hard, both physically and mentally...they are all similar in many ways but each of them has something different, apart from techniques, this is the approach, and philosophy - something that will close the gaps you get learning one style... i would definitely recommend trying at least several styles to some degree like, say,blue belt in taekwondo - it gives you flexibility and ability to choose which is best at this very moment in this very situation - qualities very important not only in fighting but in life..

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This group here on Yahoo Anwsers has alot of different martials artists from many different styles. Check out soem different posts and anwsers from the past its pretty cool.

Practice hard and apply what you learn.


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Congratulations ! I am glad to see that you have stayed with your art . You may want to consider crosstraining now . Good luck !

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Congratulations. Remember as you climb over the top of this mountain , you look across and see other mountains to climb , whether that is in TKD or another martial art.

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good luck, hopefully he will do it soon, I'm also fairly close to a black belt testing so I can tell you that I know exactly how you feel.

TKD is a good base Martial Art to get your feet wet in, as are most Martial Arts. but the real trick is to continue your training, because getting the black belt is just a symbol of your dedicaton to the discipline, a true Martial Artist continues to evolve and improve, even if it means continuing in another discipline.

again Good Luck

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As you said, this isn't really a question :

but to answer what you halfway asked.

Yes, for 22 years now.

While I'm by no means a supporter or fan of TKD, I wish you nothing but the best on ranking for your Shodan (or whatever they call it in Korean). TKD seems to be what you're happy with, and that's good enough.

Good luck!

Also, yes...I have a number of thoughts, on a number of martial arts, if you ask a specific question I may be able to lend a few.


First, I want to wish you the best of luck on your upcoming test for the blackbelt in Tawkwondo. Once you have your blackbelt, start to look on other different style of martial arts like ground fighting. I would strongly recommended you Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu. It's involve a lots of ground, grabbling fighting, use techniques with very little power.

Give it a try, and it is going to take some time just like anything else before you get better. Good luck and let me know you do on your test. ok!

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It's fantastic to see another person with an open mind looking at other styles. Personally, I have looked at whatever art I was studying at the particular time and tried to pick a different art to strengthen any weak areas. With Aikido I changed to Tae Kwon Do. With TKD I also studied Hapkido.

In my opinion (I'll probably get backlash for this), one style isn't THE ONE. They all have weaknesses.

The main thing is to keep an open mind to ALL of the other martial arts out there. Good luck.

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