Am I seeing something that isn't there?

Question:I like this girl, but she has a boyfriend. We are just friends, but she seems to be quite heavily flirting with, giving me hugs all the time, I was sat in the library and she came over and stroked my hair looking right into my eyes, and once, I swear, she was a hair's breadth from kissing me.

Does this mean she likes me? Is it me reading too far into something? Do girls who have boyfriends do it to other men?
Any advice would be good, but please, keep it serious.


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get in there or you will regret it if she did that to me i would have no problem and would come out and ask her if she say she does not fancy you .move on. i did that to my wife and pushed the local coppers son off the post office wall and said out loud 'leave her alone shes mine and after 36 years two kids and three grandchildren it was the best move i have ever made. mind you i was pissed at the time and now this Sunday was a mad day as normal of guitars, screaming kids and the floor covered in toys and me loving every minute and loving even more when they all went home and tomorrow i will want them all back again. one life live it and take a chance.

Teaching karate?

Why did you put this question in martial arts.
Are you planning to duff her up.

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Some girls get a kick out of flirting with men and then rejecting them when they come on. They get turned on because it makes them feel powerful.

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Squeeze her boobs see if she gives you the chop

Heres a question?

Say to her that if she didn't have a boyfriend you would ask her out and see what she says,she might say that she would love to go out with you,nothing ventured nothing gained.

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just say a line, "Dont be getting too clsoe now!! remember a boyfriend!!"
and flirt with her ffs!!!
what ever happens youll now what way shes taking you!

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WTF? What's up with all those love questions in martial arts section lately?!

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wow, jus wow, i hate women sumtimes, with their...power? or are we just weak.

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UHHM, unless you are planning to body slam her boy friend why is this in th martial arts section?

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ask her straight up whether she intends to keep her boyfriend. if she asks why just say you have noticed that she is rather 'open' with her flirting. her answer will answer you question. though remember that she will probably act like this for the next guy if she becomes yours.

also, yes, women with men do act like this, and vice versa. some people cannot help themselves and treat partners like used cars, always looking for a trade up. shameful.

Shaolin Discipline?

I'm not sure this is the place to post this question, considering it's the martial arts section.

But, if you're planning to mug her in a dark ally, i might be able to help you...

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This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Martial Arts. Please take it elsewhere.

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Since you put this in the martial arts section, I'll simply just recommend that you punch her in the face... or have her punch you in the face... or something.

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I have one answer: Jumping tornado kick Reverse Punch KIAI!!!

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