A Question About Selecting Judo Or A Brazilian Ju Jitsu Schools?

Question:I was looking at taking either Judo or Brazilian Ju Jitsu and since I cannot deside between the two I figured that I would just go to both schools for introductory cources and then choose which one I like more. The problem is since I am new to martial arts I don't know what to look out for in a bad school, so could you all please provide me with some advice as to what to look for in a good school for both? If a school is registered with a countries governing body does that make it a better school than one that is not?

Also I see that a lot of BJJ schools offer either Muay Thai, boxing or both so I was wondering what on average would be the quality of the instruction for either in those in a BJJ schools (I know that it would depend on the individual school, but on average how would you all say the quality of the teaching).


Tae kwon Do, reaction speed?

First off LOL at the above poster.check out this link that pretty much negates his entire argument:


And keep in mind, any place that does not allow you to test your skills against a fully resisting opponent isn't going to be very effective. Punching dummies, bags, makiwara, and Wing Chun dummies will not make you a better fighter, doing forms, katas, and having a cooperative opponent who is allowing you to do moves on them, will not make you a better fighter.

The only way to be a better fighter, is to fight. Even if it is a given ruleset it is still 100 times more effective then "pretending to gouge someone's eye". And no system is ideal for multiple opponents, that is a losing battle regardless...

Now to your question:

It's pretty hard to find bad Judo or BJJ schools really. If you want to find a good one, see which place you click at, I think you got the right idea. Things to watch out for:

Contracts: Especially long term contracts

Promotion Fees: any place that makes you pay for anything lower than a black belt is something to look at. Often times Black belts promotion fees are used strictly for the certificates from a governing body so that is acceptable.

"Ninja" anywhere in the title...

Lack of competeting, a good BJJ or Judo school should have a good track record at competetions, especially the instructor, look at their credentials. They don't have to be outstanding, since not all good fighters make good coaches, and not all good coaches are great fighters. But they should have something of substance.

If it is a BJJ place, make sure it is a Black belt running it, Judo it is a given that it will be a BB running it. There is a habit in some places that claim to teach BJJ where they have BJJ blue or purple bets teaching it.

Get your money's worth, you are going to get far more from a BJJ black belt.

Lack of sparring: again you won't really find a Judo or BJJ place that doesn't spar hard and often, it is kind of the nature of the art. But in general avoid places that don't spar.

kid black belts: Avoid any place that has kids who are black belts, more likely a belt factory than a real school. Most children lack the maturity and understanding (not to mention time in grade) to be a black belt, any place that has some kids wearing black belts is a place to avoid IMO. Well hope that helps...

Have you ever seen a street fight where a person got punched over and over and then ended up winning?

First I would look for a school the specializes in one art some people are jacks of all trades and masters of none. Second judo and ju jitsu are mainly competitive like as if you were studying boxing yes there effective but only in a one on one situation. a good school will have a history of more than five years or so and the instructor should have some kind of real world training i.e. military or police remeber brazilian ju-jitsu is a ground fighting system the ground is hard and covered in debri not an ideal place to be in a fight and if you have ever fought more than one person at once going to the ground could be the last decision you ever make remeber real life is not like the ufc no rule's no re and no mercy. look into a style like American kenpo or krav maga or even kung-fu or even muy tai in it's combative form.

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