Any one know of a Kimura Jiu Jitsu or BJJ dojo in Boston?


Are there any choke holds in jiu jitsu?

Here's the websites of a few places that teach JuiJitsu in the Boston Area.

What makes you attracted to a certain martial art?

There aren't any in Boston itself. There's Kimura Jiujitsu in Newton (, Boston Brazilian Jiujitsu in Newton as well (,... The Brazilian Martial Arts Center in Somerville (http://www.brazilianmartialart... Sit Yod Tong in Somerville (, and Wai Kru in Allston (

The two schools in Newton are more traditional BJJ schools, both are excellent. If you're looking for no gi jiujitsu or more MMA related ground fighting, check out the latter three. Wai Kru is probably the best deal of that group.

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