Active Stretching.?

Hi. I just started Tae Kwon Do. My Master told me that I have plenty of power (Thank God for Squats), but my flexibility could be better. So I went home and started researching. I found out that "Active Stretching" is the best for improving flexibility. However I cannot find many examples or a guide on active stretching. And what I did find, out said that one should be able to hold it for only 3-10 seconds. However I can hold them for much longer than that. Can any one help me here?


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Do a web search for Active Isolated stretching, which was developed by Aaron Mattes. The theory behind active stretching is that it uses the bodies own anatomical and physiological processes to increase the range of motion (with useable strength throughout that range) while decreasing the negative side effects such as soreness, joint slackness, etc. Basically, when you actively stretch, you flex one muscle group, the opposite muscle group relaxes, allowing you to strech further (and safer), as well as cancelling out the stretch reflex, which would normally cause the stretched muscle to contract to help prevent injury. Aaron does have a seires of videos showing both solo and partner routines, and I have used them both in my Kung Fu school and my Massage therapy practice with AMAZING results...

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By "Active Stretching" I am assuming you are referring to dynamic stretching. So in answer to your question about info on it you might check out It has a lot of "how to" info there. You can also check out the forum at

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