Any one know were a 17 year old can fight?

i live in and i have traind in pfs, jkd,mauythia,and grpling. i want to fight but most mma competitions reqir you to be 18, does anybody know anyplace that will alow me to fight soone


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The UFC is the best and you should go for that... those guys are bad a**. Good luck

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Well, you're out of luck. The thing you are dealing with is legal action and insurance. Legally, you are a minor and that is the major problem. If you were to fight and an adult (someone 18 or over) were your opponent, you could sue him after the fight and the police could even stop the fight and arrest him for assaulting a minor. Silly, yes, but that's the legal system.
As a minor, you could not legally sign yourself up for any kind of fight anyway. Even if your parents were to sign with you, this could be seen as endangering a child- you as a minor could get hurt!!
Finally, it's a matter of insurance. The organizations that run and set up a fight have to have insurance in case something drastic happens, and no one will cover you from an insurance standpoint because of the legal situation.
Basically what I am saying is that you need to look into alternatives. You certainly can participate in a "normal" light contact tournament, even moderate contact tournies or "Koshiki" style tournies with all the full padding and such. Now these are not Mixed Martial Arts tournies, but they would be better than nothing. Since you cannot go "all out" why not work on one particular aspect of your training by competing in a more typical tourny? Have you looked into Boxing gyms?? You could certainly work on your punching...
Also, you should take this opportunity- and yes you certainly SHOULD view this as an opportunity and not a setback- to train yourself even more. If you are looking to break into the UFC or Pride Fighting scene, you are going to want to be as good as you possibly can be before you ever even SMELL a ring. Work with weights, work with a speed trainer, get on the mat and work on your everything you possibly can to improve yourself before you actually get in there. The guys you will be facing are working their butts off, you had better do the same.
Sensei Cox

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Check out Pankration fights. They are a milder form of MMA fights but you will be able to compete. This will give you some experience before going into MMA fights.

Good Luck

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Instead of fighting, why not try learning to read and write correctly. I swear to you from the bottom of my heart, that reading/writing skills will be more useful to you in life than fighting. Do you know how many spelling errors you have??

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