Am I the only one who thinks Chuck Liddell is super hot?

OK. I am absolutely in love with the UFC! I'ma total girly girl but love to watch UFC fights... and Chuck Liddell! I think he's hot but nobody I know seems to agree! Maybe it's just his image i like!! Anybody else think he's sexy?


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Here is the result for ufc fight night?

just click here

Kit cope dulls the razor Jan 20th?

umm i dont know who that is! sorry

If c3 po & the terminater had a fight how would?

You know, I usually don't go for the rugged types, but there is definitely something about Chuck Liddell that I find extremely attractive. Perhaps it's the power that he possesses in the ring and/or over his opponents? Men with with great intellect and charm are always a treat, but it doesn't hurt to have one that is physically powerful as well.

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Hes about as hot as tim sylvia, could actually pass as tim little brother.
And to answer your question I only think the ring women are HAWT!

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no your not the only one he does to.

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