Advice in training for a fight?

Question:hello people, I wanted to ask you guys a question about getting fit for a fight.

So, Im fighting in a few months and I've decided to start very soon. The equiptment I have for training is: A punching bag, Target mitts(I have a training partner), two pairs of boxing gloves, a skipping rope, and a will to train. I also have a gym near by for weight training. My question to you is how can I incorperate all these things into fighting and be at my best during my match. This is my first fight and I want to make a mark. So any help is highly thanked.

What im looking for basically is improved cardio, striking, grappling, stregnth and flexibility.

also, any drills that helped you guys out?


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for Weights.concentrate on Olympic Lifts(dont train like a bodybuilder if you aren't one).good lifts are deadlift(should be albe to optimally DL about 3 times your bodyweight).Squat(be able to squat about 3 times your body weight...and squats where your butt comes to your calves not parallel) Pull Ups(weighted if you can)...bench press(aim for 2 times your bodyweight)...shoulder press(1.5 times your bodyweight)

And NO these aren't unrealistic numbers as some people are bound to say...fighting is hard on your system you want to be prepared

another thing to incorporate into your weights is Complexes...which is wherre you take a barbell and put some weight on it(it wont be much its a pretty humbling workout).you dont put the weight down from start to finish of each set.the sets going 10 reps...9 reps.8 reps.7...6..5..4..3...2...1 with 90 second rests in between each set

heres what an actual complex would look like

Stiff Leg Deadlift
Sumo Deadlift
Bent over row
Power clean
Front Squat
Shoulder Press
Back Squat
Good morning

if you're not sure what some of those exercises are do a search on them
most can be found here though

for sprints...they'll really put you to the test
for these you do a light run for 3-5 mins then sprint as fast as you can for a minute..its alot better than just jogging and you'll see many more benefits

other than that.practice.spar

hope this helps..good luck

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For boxing i do running every other day. that improves your cardio and helps with leg strength, cuz you legs are very important for holding you up, and stepping in with punches...also do lunges and squats.

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first of all if you are training for a fight you should ask your coach what he wants you to do.

If you do not have the support of your coach, chances are you are not ready to fight yet.

If you are training for a real event, then you would know more than "a few months" before usually, and if you didn't you wouldnt' fight in such an event unless you were in that kind of fighting shape or taken enough fights like this that you would know what to do to train for one without asking people on a message board how to prepare.

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You're going to have to find a workout schedule that works best for you, but generally train for 2-2.5 hours a day. Alternate workouts between cardio and strength to achieve maximum results without wearing too much on any one area. Bear in mind that cardio workouts can include skipping rope and hitting the heavy bag. Focus on the target mitts a little more when the fight gets closer, but you can use them now and gradually work them in more and more up to the day of the fight. For grappling, the only way to get better is to have a willing training partner, who will offer resistance to help you adjust to fight conditions. If your partner doesn't offer you resistance, all you'll be getting out of the training will be the knowledge of how to do the move, and not any experience of how to do the move in a fight situation. For flexibility training, you could take up yoga.

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Work on fake a hook with thumb out so you can disguise eye poke as a hook. Chuck "Ice Thumb" Liddell do it all of the time and look how far his thumb got him.

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7 days out the week do every thing of those you mentioned.

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Check out the website offered above; and traing like mad to start with (if you are already fit), then as the fight gets closer lighten up so you have plenty of energy left for the event. Yoga I totally recommend, it is not as easy as some people may have you think, "protect your back" by never trying to cut back on warm-up time. Good luck

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you need to concentrate on cardio bro, you cant fight tired, if you have never fought before you have never peaked, you need to peak the day of the fight, basics and cardio is what you need for your first fight, if you can keep your cardio to the point you dont get tired and finish strong the rest will come

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