Am i getting popular in usa ?


Mideval wepons?


What is the title of Chuck Liddells entrance song, during his first fight with Tito Ortiz?


How long did it take you to do an aerial?

yes u r for bl ow jo bs

Is the following question on karate groin attacks the truth? My son wants to join mixed karate with girls!?

Don't know you, so I guess not.

How can I crack my knuckles just by making a fist.?

no and i don't know are you? you need to give more information way you tink that.

I have a a sore neck and a clicking in my jaw from a hook kick in TKD. Has anyone had this, will it go away?

Yes, definately yes.

Referee stops the bout, points at the forehead of a contestant with the finger n say joo eui what's e meaning?

No. Everyone in the USA hates you. If I were you I'd leave the country.

Any free downloads for Nunchaku Manual which are good?

arent u the guy that asked this same question like 100 times a couple of months ago and everybody got pissed. STOP ASKING THIS QUESTION! nobody knows who you are!

When we have a tournament.Should i kick my opponents in the balls so they cant win?

Yeah, you're huge. In fact I hear there is going to be a day to celebrate your greatness. February 31 of every year.

Concerning kyokushin ?

Considering the ratio of "no" answers to "yes" answers. I don't think so.

In a sword fight you say unguard or?

no, your getting stupid!!!

Has Anyone Ever Trained in Bukido - Richard 'Mac' Machowicz?

ur a f ag

What does the color change after adding universal indicator indicate.?


What is a good name for a jujitsu school?

It would be wise for you to stop before you make any more enemys, especially considering you are on the martial arts page.

Which Martial Arts teach weapon fighting?

Yep. You're a legend in your own mind.

Who would win in a fight?

Not yet, but MMA is just hitting the mainstream. Give it some time and you will be.

Throwing needles?

Are you in Adult Porn ?

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