3 way fight.Jackie Chan..Jet li...Bruce Lee..Who do you think would win?

Question:Bruce lee ~ speed and power along with an incredible philisophical understanding of fighting.

Jackie Chan ~ Acrobatic and elusive with large array of styles. (he's getting old but try to picture him in his prime)

Jet li ~ Wicked speed and precision with shaolin training background


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I went with Bruce Lee. Jackie Chan and Jet Li are very excellent performers but no matter how good they look or how entertaining their movies are, they're still just performers. Bruce Lee, on the other hand, was actually a martial artist who also sparred against live opponents in tournaments. Besides, Jackie Chan himself even said that if he was threatened by a robber on the street, he would do the practical thing and give up his wallet.

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jet li..because he used to fly..jackie and bruce never fly high..

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dolly parton

If you had the opportunity to fight someone inside the octagon who would it be?

Bruce Lee,but he died

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Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee , before he died of course .

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Jet li, for three reasons:
1. He is the youngest of the three
2. Jackie Chan is old and not as fit
3. Bruce Lee is dead

Yeah, that last one shocked me too.

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Jackie Chan of course, Chris Tucker would jump in to help Jackie.

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How about a fight with all of the people who keep asking this rediculous question. I see it over and over. Bruce Lee was the only FIGHTER in the group. He would have beaten EITHER of them. Period!

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when you type in a question, it lets you see the other ones which are similar. i'd suggest you look at the past 595,085,128 times this exact question has been asked.

and yes, bruce would win. shaolin training since the revolution is gymnastics. he was the only real fighter you've mentioned.

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bruce lee if he were alive, hes studyed for over 50 years, and he created tae kwon do

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