Vince Goronda?

Does anybody know about Vince Goronda's 10, 10, 10 routine? 10 excercises for 10 sets for 10 reps.. My main concern is if this routine is meant for mass because I heard it was also meant more as a definition workout.. I know it lost popularity because of its extensive sets but I just need to know does it build mass, and how long should I rest between each set, and does it work period?


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the 10 sets workout WILL put on lean muscle mass. this is a great workout and you will see fast results provided that you eat and rest properly. i have performed this workout on 3 different occasions over the last 6 years and it is the best workout i have ever done.
this is one example of one of my past 10sets workouts.
-(benchpress)10sets of 10 reps
-(chinups) 10sets of 10reps with bodyweight only
these 2 exercises were performed in super-sets with only 90 to 120 seconds
-incline dumbbells 3 sets of 8
-barbell row 3stes of 8
these exercises were done with 60seconds rest between sets
then i finished with partial dead-lifts 3 set of 5 with 2-3minutes rest between sets.
i would suggest that you research the 10 sets workout it is tough but you will get results.
world renown trainer/coach Charles poliquin wrote an excellent article about the workout its design and benefits you should be able to find him at any fitness site on the web or at

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It's a basic workout. If you want mass you do lower reps with higher weight, almost always 3 sets though. If you want definition you do 3 to 5 sets of 15+ with lower weight. 1 minute break between reps. Make sure you're getting a decent amount of water during your definition workouts too. It helps.

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Vince Gironda, AKA the Iron guru, passed away in 1997. His 10/10/10 routine consisted of 10 pullups, 10 push ups and 10 dips done as a superset. Repeat that trio 10 times. Rest no more than 1 minute. It is an awesome bodyweight workout. Depending on your diet, I wouldn't worry about the mass/definition issue. Try getting through it just as a gut check. This workout is still used by athletes ranging from gymnasts to special operations folks. Just for fun, after each trio, sprint 400M as your "rest". Have a bucket handy!

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