A Functional Katana?

Okay, let me begin my start of point. I recently bought a japanese katana, a Carbon Steel 1025 Differentially Tempered Springsteel katana, retailing $169.99. And it is very sharp, however, I am doing an independant movie project and didn't want to make the actors use "MADE IN CHINA" dull blades. So, to set my point, how do I make it blunt, the sharp edge into a dull edge? I want to make the weapons real looking, without the mishap of bootlegging swords and danger of a sharpened sword. I am only near intermediate expert in katanas, but all I can think of is stroking the blade on a rock. Any suggestions? It would help me speed up the process for my IFC film.


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why didn't you get an iaito? those have no edge but look the same as a normal katana.

I do hope you're not planning to strike swords together. They'll shatter or bend, katanas are not designed for that sort of bludgeoning swordplay. They are delicate, efficient weapons, not claymores.

It will be dangerous to use a dulled sword even, because you may leave a tiny part of the blade undulled, and even that could prove fatal.

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One thing I do not understand. Why do you want to make your $169.99 katana blunt and risk damaging it? A better alternative is to buy the cheap chinese-made replica katanas that cost less than $20 each and make them look more authentic; like repaint the tsuba, decorate the saya, make a nicer kurikata, polish the blades, etc. I have no idea how you plan to shoot your movie, but I think no one will pay much attention to your katana while the actors are swinging it. Unless you have the intention of making the movie entirely on katana or a documentary on it.

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dude dont dull the blade on ur katana. its gonna be hell trying to get the edge back afterwards and ur probaly gonna damage it. just go on the internet and they have dulled versions of good swords for sale. just like the real thing except there made for practice and forms

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Like James K mentioned, just get iaitos instead and please don't do any inaccurate and cliched sword on sword scenes that may cause the blades to break.

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STOP! go to bud k, buy a bunch of 20$ real looking katanas, or whatever else you want to use. most of them will already be pretty dull. then use a grinder or whetstone or rock and dull the edge, and round the point at least a little. true swords should never be disrespected like that. you never know when you may need it. please don't do that.
OR you could buy some stage combat swords(swords actually designed for simulated fighting) from knights edge or one of the other reputable re-enactment companies. i repeat- please don't destroy your sword. it will never be the same. real swords that are sharpened are not designed for stage combat, they're designed for real combat, and there is a difference, as i'm sure you're aware.

james k---claymores are efficient weapons as well, just different. no true sword deserves to be destroyed for a prop. and no true sword is designed for edge to edge combat. the double-edged ones you should use the flat of the blade to deflect a blow, and the spine of katanas are good for this. but then again, a katana is used to kill, unsheathing is usually the first and only blow.

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