Any good martial arts or self defense websites??

I am looking for a good website where I can learn martial arts, self defense, or karate for FREE. I sure hope someone can help me because i've searched the whole net and cant find anything that i like. tanx


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You will not find a place that will teach you for FREE- at least not a reputable one. At very least, a dojo will have you work for them to pay for the costs of lessons. You CAN find schools that will occasionally offer free self defense seminars and such for free. Try searching your local phone book for martial arts them and ask about free seminars they offer.
You might also try looking into a local Community College and seeing if they offer martial arts classes. You could then apply for a grant or 12 to pay for those classes. Possible...
However, as far as I know, no one will teach you for free unless you know them personally and they have nothing better to do. It's a business. Even in ancient times, students paid for their lessons in some way.

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If you go to, do yourself a favor and lurk for at least 2 weeks before you post anything.

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I wouldnt hang out at places that say they can teach you over the internet. however, a small number of sites offer sound advice on fighting arts and the science behind them, in a magazine format.

such as
which has articles from many arts.

there are also MA communities that can offer you informational areas and/or forums to ask questions such as: (as mentioned already) (has downloads of training dvds also)

you really need to shop around for information and cross check it with other sources. but it can be a fun way to choose what feels like the art for you by what you discover about them. many are scams, many are over rated, while others under rated. its a big www out there, but the truth is out there. somewhere.

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Websites should be used more as reference tools for students who already know the basics. They should not, and can not, teach you effective martial arts. You need to join a school of some sort, preferably one with a head instructor of at the very least 5th grade black. Individual instruction from an instructor is irreplaceable, as is the experience you get from working in groups or pairs. There are countless subtleties in martial arts that no web site can convey.

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you will not learn anything over the internet for free. Go to newbie town and ask your question and you will get a friendly answer. lurk outside there for a while and read posts. This kind of question belongs in newbietown where you can't flame newbies for asking stupid questions.

I really, really want to learn Kyusho Jitsu but I can't cuz there aren't any instructors in my state (ct)

my kung fu teacher has a program for online self defense
his name is trey crake
he is really cool,

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