Am i getting popular in Wichita, Kansas?


Martial Arts?


Who won the UFC Ortiz vs Liddell fight Saturday?


Black Belt?

i dont know. are you

I have 4.500 brazilian cruzados ?? are they worth anything? Thanks, Li?

is there more to this question?

Where is the best place to learn MMA(Mixed Martial Arts)and close to West Acton?

No , sorry you are unknown .

Is street fighting and owning fight clubs considered a sin for someone who is christian?

Oh my gosh yes, you're like Elvis there. I heard they are putting a life size statue of you in front of City Hall.

I also hear that after the statue is 'erected' people are lining up for the job to remove all the pigeon shoit that will be landing on it daily.

What is spiritual enlightenment? How do I know if I have it?

well Im from wichita, ks and Ive never heard of you

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