Acrobatics training?

Question:Where can I find any acrobatics exercises with photos or videos ?
I'm searching for a long time, but still haven't found anything :(


Jujutsu/muay thai?

Go to, this site teaches many martial arts and acrobatic, gymnastic stuff.

If someone broke a bone in their join mildly severely do you think itll affect them in...?

What part of "martial arts" don't you understand?

What did the sameria use to make the thing the swords slides into??

haha...i like the previous response.but some people do take acrobatics as a complimentary part of their martial arts training. XMA too, a non traditional style, but there is a lot of acrobatics integrated into that. I'm sure there are others out there i don't know about.

As for the question, i don't have a response.

Judo question?

XMA wierdo's belong right up there with cirque de solet!

Martial arts? help!!!?

It would be quite a bit safer if you didn't try learning anything acrobatic on your own...find a good instructor. They'll be able to help you learn to do what you want to do without breaking your neck.

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