Aikido and boxing question?

Does any one honestly know which will be better in a real fight self defense situation that will work. Aikido crosstrained with boxing or judo with boxing? Or should i just stick to a MMA or UFC style to be effective?


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Nobody can really answer that.
Of course, it depends on the fighter, as has been said a lot of times before.
It also depends on whether the art is appropriate to the person taking it. I think the best example I've heard is sumo wrestling. Most people wouldn't make good sumo wrestlers. It takes a very particular body type to be a good sumo wrestler. However, that doesn't mean a sumo wrestler is a push-over. I wouldn't want to face a 500 pound mountain of a man determined to drive me into the asphalt. The same is true psychologically. If you think any talk of Ki and Hara are just boring mumbo jumbo, Aikido is probably not for you, etc.., etc...

But what really bothers me about this type of question is what they presuppose about martial arts in general. Martial arts are not just about fighting. Self-defense is one aspect of them, but their benefits are much wider than that, everything from exercise to acquiring respect and a sense in ritual in life. If dominating thugs on the street is what you're into, then I suggest you get a gun - not very glamorous, but it is the shortest way to victory.
If you want to enter MMA competitions and the like, be aware those are first and foremost a sport, and that your martial arts training will be geared towards a sporting activity and that by so doing, you'll be missing a lot of what artial arts are all about.

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mma is usually most efective because your not taught just one stlye of defensive manuevers the more options you have the better fighter you will be

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Sounds like your looking for a fight. Make tea not war!

Karate Vs Judo?

LMAO @ Aikido

Do you honestly think opponent would cooperate with you if you were to get in real fight?

Stick to boxing and judo.

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Unless whoever you're fighting is willing to be a compliant uke, aikido is the least martial 'martial' art you will ever find.

if you want to learn how to fight, which is paramount in any endeavor that considers itself martial, then stick with boxing and judo, you know, martial arts with randori. you know, resistant sparring, something aikido is sorely missing.

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Hi there

Personally i would stick to watching the TV!



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You see the answer has to do with your skill level, the situation, your opponent and what you wish to do in a self defense situation. Every martial arts style has advantages and disadvantages so you need to decide for yourself which is right for you. My 50lb seven year old can put down a 6 ft. 200lb man with Aikido. That does not mean he would always win but it certainly changes the odds more in his favor! I will suggest that you study one discipline until you are the equivalent of a black belt and then choose another rather than trying to learn two disciplines at once.

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Judo and boxing are a great combination.

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Firstly this question could be debated all day long and I could personally write 10 pages and more easily on my opinion but for a quick answer here goes...

It really depends on what style of Aikido you practice. Unfortunately Aikido has sort of lost its way lately and there are too many idiots involved that teach unrealistic techniques. If you are looking for a street style Aikido you need to find someone who teaches a style similar to Steven Seagal which is hard to find.

Aikido is very complex and would take some time for you to be able to use it effectively in a street attack however saying that it depends on how quickly the student can learn.

If you want a self defence system to be able to use on the street there are other avenues you must explore such as Paul Vunaks system he taught to the Navy Seals.


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ok, without even delving into the arguments about legitimacy of aikido, even if you do find a great gym that teaches with full resistance, you are already taking judo.

boxing will probably add more to your bieng "well rounded" than aikido as you are already involved in judo.

judo + any other art = MMA.

I must hear answers?

aikido is a very flowing ,circular art and boxing is generaly linear. they both have there merits and demerits .the skill requirement in both is quite high . obviously boxing can be utilised very soon after learning the basics. your choice .good luck

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boxing and judo pal, aikido aint worth a toss in the street.

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Try aki-jutsu and boxing. Aki-jutsu is a form of Aikido and Jujitsu. Most techniques are done from a standing position and is taught to alot of police forces in the united states. True Aikido can be devastating as it's designed to break or dislocate joints and bones. The only reason you see students being compliant with a technique is to avoid injury.

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Body type plays a big part

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The style of aikido is closer to karate. It will probably not mix very well with boxing

Judo probably feels more natural to a boxer.

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i dont believe anyone can use aikido against a trained fighter, they rely on grabbing the wrist.. which isnt gonna happen against a kickboxer is it? i would stick to ur judo boxing cross training or even better bjj and muay thai kickboxing

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