1st Class?

Question:I will be starting my first class on Wednesday.

Any advise?


How do you get a Karate Gi less stiff?


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Your first class will probably be the one you remember most. For me it was exciting and really awkward at the same time. Just be as courteous as possible, listen, and be good natured. Try to do everything they tell you and try to be positive if you can't. I needed to find a sense of humor about myself because, like most people, I was really bad at it in the beginning. If you like it, just don't quit. You'll be amazed at the progress you've made in a few years and will look back at your first class and be proud of how far you've come.

Your GI will loosen up as you do.

When signing up for a Muay Tai class, how can you tell if you have a good teacher or not?

be respectful.. even if they're younger than you if they have a different belt color they are higher ranked than you.. also remember that it's alot of exercises and stretching! besides that, just relax, the instructor will show you everything..

fabric softener? i dunno, it's supposed to be a little stiff so it will make noise when you do your presentations...

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go with the flow. i find some people get to hyper wanting to be the best. if you already knew the stuff you wouldnt be there to practice. dont be afraid to loose your matches once you start sparing, try the techniques you are being taught! as far as the gi--wear it, wash, wear it, wash it, .....

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well the GI is that way stiffness is for the forms, you can use fabric softener but they are meant to be stiff and use the iron if needed your first class will be easy learning the form will take practice you will learn how to bow and great the basic do not worry if it is a lot at first you will do fine oh ya relax

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I advise you to watch and listen carefully to the sensei.

And try not to kill anyone. But don't get a reputation as a puffball during sparring.

To get a karate gi less stiff you must buy one that isn't stiff. This would be a very lightweight gi. However, they are likely to not last very long.

Whats a good martial art.?

Just go & do your best. Every one started as a beginner so they will empathise with you. Washing your gi will loosten it up.

What do you think of this statement?

Be as observent as possible.
To get a gi less stiff wash it in hot water with fabric softener.
A gi is supposed to be stiff though.

I need INFO on this website, PLease tell me if its legit training?

Remember that if you over do it at the start you're gonna puke.

The GI will soften over time and with washing.

Pay attention! What you learn on the first night is as important as what you will learn later.

Don't whine about being tired. You're supposed to get tired.

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1- listen and don't expect to get everything your first time.

2- your gi will get less stiff the more you use it and stink it up from your funky class sweat.

3- keep an eye out for the type of things they teach at the school. make sure the focus is on teaching, and on the students learning, not just on katas and belts.

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