38 years 5.7 13 stone not Bruce lee but have trained in many arts ,and I'm cool headed .?

Would I be laughed off applying for a doormans job,as many doormen I see these days seem to be 20 stone body builders ?


Where can I get some cheap MMA gloves?

No way mate.
It is all about the person you are and you present at the door.
The reason why there are all body builders at the door is because of what Hollywood made out the image a strong man.

I worked for many years as a door man and am not more then 80 kilos.
Did a lot of many arts, but did not use it a lot.
It is a matter of talking and again presenting to be a strict and no nonsense person.
Personality is what counts in that business.

Be strict.
No nonsense.
No fighting.
No pushing.
Keep your smile.
Keep fit.
Know what you are doing.

Respect is what counts mate, certainly not size.

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if you are in the uk, you now have to take a course to have a doormans liscence. Let me tell you, i've seen the smallest people take on BIG people and win. You have the discipline through the martial arts so go for it. What's the worst that can happen? Good luck

Are there any good martial arts dojos in killeen besidestae kwon do?

The only way to find out is to apply. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Can someone tell me an adress from you learn aikido? i can't afford to go to a martial arts school so ...?

some times you see doorman that are really skinny, this is because you don't have to be big, if you are good at talking to people this will increase your chance of getting the job.

Martial Arts, having begun in China, was it necessity since thir common enemies were Big people?

Doormen dont need to be built like brick shithouses. As long as they can handle themselves in a situation that is all that matters. And I dont automatically mean with their fists, diplomacy rather than fighting settles more arguments. Though if the situation needs it then you do have to be able to handle it, still you dont have to be a brick shithouse.

Martial arts?

Attitude and technique are far more important than size or muscle. Go for it!

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Its only because the 20 stone bouncers are used for intimidation but they dont make the best fighters if a fight breaks out they always need back up thankfully today people have to be cleared by the police to become a bouncer as there are to many hot heads who just want to fight with the punters but to be a good bouncer you need to listen and talk with the punters and eject them in a safe manner its got nothing to do with size also there are many women bouncers coming on to the scene good luck in what you choose to do

Do you think the IFL will survive?

Not at all I have seen women doorkeepers so go for it

Who's gonna win this Sat Night UFC Matt Serra or Chris Lytle? And Matt Hughes or Georges St. Pierre?

take all the neccesary steps to be certificated and i think you will get a job. good luck

Why do people give personal insults rather than answers here?

you could not be a doorman as you look like a girl, get a life, infact you may look nice in a skirt..xxx

Karate in South Australia?

go for it, nice to c a lady (doorman) on doors,u won`t get much trouble from the fellas because there too drunk

Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt vs Tae Kwon Do black belt? who wins?

go for it mate! only you know how good you are (by the way 38 is not old)

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