17 year old male. some fat packs at school bothering me. anyway can learn some karate/judo etc defence moves?

books, websites?


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When I was in High School. I would get picked on but I would fight no matter how bad the odds were against me. I got beat up a lot, but I was getting better. I was landing more shots, I could take more punishment. I fought so much that I had more experience fighting than some of the bully's! Then a funny thing happened one day the computer nerd actually starting winning! Nobody picked on me anymore because they knew I would fight on a drop of a hat and didn't want to be known as the guy who got beat up by the computer nerd!

Note: If the kids you mention use knives or guns then it's best to avoid them as much as possible.

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kick them where the sun doesnt shine

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just learn how to cook majkie sure its fattning foods and greasy they`re have a heart attack problem solve.

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Please listen 17yr old male,
Please go find a good martial art school in your area.
A book or website will most likely fail you during a critical moment as you are not being guided through the training procedure with an instructor. you know?
To find a good school do the following:
Refuse to sign a contract
Never pay for rank testing, ask up front (let them know that you know this practice is BS).
Join a clean, friendly school.
Make sure the school does actual contact sparring, ask to observe some.
Take free classes.
Join where you feel you will be comfortable working out because you will have to work out a lot to be proficient.

My philosophy on fights is that they are willing physical challenges between people's egos. A fight implies that the choice to walk away was refused by one or more parties. Thus the whole fight is a wasteful experience that risks negative results.
look for a peaceful solution in all endeavors. "In the path of war thorn bushes sprout."- Sun Tzu / The Art of War

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Forget all that fanny about karate and judo etc buy a baseball bat.

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hey, im really sorry to hear those guys at your school are bugging you. i have been in your situation and its not nice. i started karate classes because of it four years ago when i was ten and not only has it given me confidence to defend myself, but i am fitter, healthier, and have made alot of new friends.

your best bet is a class, then you will know how exactly to preform the moves and there is less chance of you causing yourself an injury.

your right about the dont tell me to talk to them thing, alot of the time is situations like this things cant be resolved thorugh talking to the people who are causinbg you ther hassle, but why not try telling a teacher or parent?

hope things pick up for you friend, and they stop being such idiots, they are only cowards anyways.

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Sorry to hear about your situation at school. I recommend:

Tell some adult staff member on campus what's going on. It's their LEGAL responsibility to take care of this crap.

Sign up for a martial arts class. I recommend Karate, Krav Maga, Muay Thai. These arts take awhile to master, but you'll get into great shape, gain more confidence, get a lot of new friends, and learn how to handle these situations (IF the instructors are any good) along the way.

It's true that most confrontations CAN be handled without violence. Sometimes, though, the jerks just gotta get bopped a few times to get them to leave you alone.

Also. if the a**wholez are packing (knives/guns/spray/tasers, you get the idea...), avoid them and report their butts to the safe schools officer.

I hope this helps. I fully understand that not all schools and school districts handle campus violence the same way, and I hope things work out for you.

Best Wishes For A Happy New Year

Anybody knows where i can downloads mma arm-bars and other stuff to learn aboutmit before i go to a gym ?

You won't get anywhere by learn some self defense moves or anything. You need to have at least a tool box to use what you know effectively. Oh and yes you also need a good quality tools or you'll end up with a toy tools which won't mean a sh*t when it come to the real thing.

Beside that if you're 17, it's likely you will graduate this or next year. I doubt this is enough time for you to learn if your only goal is to beat bully up.

So you gotta to find other way to fix this probelm.

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A group of guys picking on a single guy are cowards - remember that before giving them any of the respect or fear that they are asking for.

Ultimately, I agree wtih the others - you might be able to learn some quick self-defense moves from a book - basically where to punch or kick to do the most damage - and that's only as a back-up if you are in a no-win, no-run situation.

But if you are not training regularly with a martial arts class (or even with your friends), those moves will probably be tough to pull off (for quick and simple self-defense moves, check traditional japanese jiu-jitsu, krav maga, vee-jitsu -- and fight ONLY if you are cornered, have no alternative, can't run, etc. - you don't know what the other guy's got, and the odds are rarely worth it). And don't get lured into the confidence that comes from training in the martial arts - a single strike can knock out a grand-master in martial arts - martial arts helps, but a fight is a fight.

If it is a pack of guys, though - even for a trained artist, that's tough. I agree wholeheartedly that you should get someone else involved - teachers or if appropriate, officers (stay anonymous as best as possible, if you think there might be retribution -- once again, don't worry about being brave against a bunch of guys that don't deserve your respect). And if you have the slightest suspicion that there might be weapons involved, there is NO winning that - get to the proper authority now! It is not brave to stand up against those type of odds - not even the toughest trained fighter in the world is going to win. Good luck.

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Find a good school & take classes. That's a much better way to learn.

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Here are some quick tips,but as always they are dangerous.
A quick chop or thumb to the adams apple/ throat area done correctly will bring any grown man to his knees.
A kick to the front of the knee will usually drop an attacker
A poke in the eye or strike to nose can deter a bully.
If you show them you are not afraid and are able to just ignore or avoid them they just might leave you alone.

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A few suggestions:

First, if there's several, and you have no training in any multi-attacker martial arts, don't go anywhere by yourself. Make sure you're always around other people because groups of punks like that are dangerous, mostly because they're immature and ignorant.

Second, no book is good enough to replace the instruction of a good teacher. But choose carefully; the first time you hear the word "contract," run like the wind. Any school that requires contracts up front is unsure of their own teachings.

Third, and I know this will sound like surrender to you, however--TELL SOMEONE. I know perfectly well how humiliating that can be, but it's better to be safe and let them hang themselves than to be their punching bag.

Whatever you do, I hope you make yourself the better person. I know how you feel; I was bullied all the time as a kid, too. I once had a jock picking me up and dumping me over the railings of several flights of stairs to get a few laughs. There's nothing cool about guys who do that kind of stuff. Karma will come around in the end.

Martial arts?

Mind your business for right now, but do look in to taking some sort of martial arts, or boxing classes

Mean time make sure the school officials know what is happening and who is doing it.

If it comes down to these guys becoming your attackers, do use every part of your body to fend them off, elbows knees feet fists.

If you hear rumors of weapons tell the authorities right away.

Stay strong, be your self, and if cant avoid the fight, fight like a dragon.


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It would be a little hard to learn from a book since you have not trained in any specific style and at your age purchasing DVDs (or VHS) maybe out of your spending budget. If you can afford new or used check out kenpo karate (you can also get that stuff on eBay) instructional material, kenpo is a true self defense art witch was designed to defend ones self against multiple attackers from different angles. check out kenpo through a search engine, I also sell kenpo DVDs.

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If you want to learn it just to kick someones a**, then your in it for the wrong reason. We will kick kids or adults out of classes if we find they are using it. It is for self defence, but you sound like you have other options. There is also a legal part of this if you use it and hurt someone. You can get an assult charge on you if you use it to hurt someone. I have been asked what my best technique is, and I say, I walk away from a problem. If your looking for this so you can fight better, you may come out on the short end of the deal. Forget about the books and tapes. If you don't know the proper technique on how to apply it, what good is it to you? You have to learn from someone that knows this stuff, and books and tapes are a waste of time. I have been in Tae-Kwon-Do for more than 20 years and have never had to use it, because I don't put myself into a situation where I will never have an exit from. Cornered, now that is a different situation. I am not a clean fighter when it comes to that. I will use anything to my disposal if need be, but like I said I have never had to use it. I have taught Policemen, Sherriffs Deputys and also people will diabilities. You would beleive what a crutch to the back of the head feels like, or the foot rests of a wheelchair feel like when it hits you in the shins.

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