After 8 years of kungfu training, around how good will u be in self-defense?

fighting, defending


Which one of these stlyes is the best. Can you put them in order from Least to Greatest.?

training shmaining

one good punch in the face coming from a pool of anger and all those years of handwaving mean squat

I'm interested in Keno and looking for pointers on getting started. I'm in my late 20's, is that too late?

Well since 8 years of kung-fu would be $1200 a year...and a grand total of $9600... I better be pretty damn good after that.

For female Kung Fu artists...?

it all depends on your instructor and how much you practice.. someone who practices a lot for 2 years could be a lot better than someone who has been training for 8 years but never practices..

Where can i buy a martial art heavy bag?

u wont know until someone tries to kick your ***. lmao
funny, but true

Are there any Martial Art classes in Bangalore?

Black belt in karate for sure. How old are you? If you started at 8yo then by 14yo you should be black belt.

Information on martail arts?

That depends on you. Some people in 8 years get 8 years experience, others get 1 yrar ecperience 8 times.

Free site to learn stick fighting and one for tae kwon do?

Yes, if you practice you will be really good. salaam alaikum.

How do i improve my pushups?

not very good

What is UFC and why is it so popular?

Depends, they can teach you how to fight ect. But they cant teach how the body and mind is going to react. If you freeze up, your going to lose. know what I mean?.

What does "enae volare mezzo" mean?

That depends on several factors. First how much emphasis was put on the practical applcation of the techniques by the instructor. IF a sufficient amount of emphasis was put on those aspects, a person SHOULD have a great deal of skill in thyat area...if not...they they won't. Secondly is the amoung of work that the student themselves puts into the training. IF they put the necessary time and work into learning the techniques then, again their skill SHOULD be quite high in those areas...if not...then they wont. These two things must exist in order for skill in defense to exist.

In tameshigiri is it harder to cut that mats or natural bamboo?

That all depends on how much physical practice you get. you could train kata, and technique for a thousand years, and get whipped in a fight. it is the experience applying the techniques. a single technique is operated differently by each of us, because of body size, flexibility, power, endurance, fatigue... and you must learn your abilities in the flesh, against an opponent.

so you would be good if you had ample fight practice. its the balance you need to find, technique practice (static or slow motion, repetitive) and free fighting.

How do you trow down an opponent bigger than you?

depends what you were taught and it depends on what you learnt.
at the end of the day it comes down to brains.

Muhummad Ali V.S. Bruce Lee?

My 12 y.o. son has exactly that much training in Shaolin Dragon style KF at this time. I agree with many aspects of the respondents. If the practitioner stayed true to "perfection through hard work", you can be very good in a short time. In any art, your skills are directly related to th effort you put in.

BTW, in a room full of martial artists, you can pick out those who have put in the effort to be good. And yes, my son is very good.

Any one know martial arts?

Go to your local bar, pick a fight and see if how well you can handle an average drunk or two. Use that to gauge how well your training went.

Can anybody recommend a brand or type of Karate Gi to buy?

Unless it's San Shou or San Da kung fu, I wouldn't bet on kung fu

Will rich franklin kick silvas ***??

Depends on how much you sparred, how strong you are, etc... Go challenge a kickboxer, Thai fighter, Mixed Martial Artist or something along those lines to get a good view of your training and how well it has worked.

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