Any contact details for Soke John Rubiano?

He is a jujitsu instructor from Nr Rhode Island USA


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Soke John Rubiano has been a student of Martial Arts since 1967. He is credited with promoting and establishing Jiu Jutsu in the Rhode Island area.

He is the chief instructor and director for the Kumiuchi Ryu Martial Arts Education Centers teaching Kindai Kumiuchi Ryu Jiu Jutsu, KoKon Ryu Kempo Karate, Aiki Jutsu and the B.A.S. Police Tactics (Burdine Aikido Systems) at three locations in Rhode Island and in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont. In addition, Soke Rubiano, in an effort to promote the arts, he has held many demonstrations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Soke Rubiano has been an active member in many Martial Arts organizations since 1971. He has been affiliated with Soke Thomas and Soke-dai Pat Burdine as International Director for the Kokon Ryu BuJutsu Renmei International. He has also been a student of Soke Burdine since 1975, who he considers the "Head of the family" and his instructor.

His most current appointments and awards are:

Chairman of the International Society of Headfounders / Headfamilies (ISHH) (Formerly known as the World Headfounders Council, Inc. under John Williams, Soke of Canada)

Member of the World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Board of Examiners - President Dr. Moore Ph.D. in Martial Arts from Dr. E.A. Moore

Life Achievement Award - World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame

Taught Army/Military Police and Instructor of Self Defense tactics.

Soke Rubiano's credentials include high level ranks in Judo, Jiu Jutsu, Tai Jutsu, Aiki Jutsu and Kempo Karate. Further, he has been awarded Sokeships in two individual systems which are Kokon Ryu Kempo and Kindai Kumiuchi Ryu Jiu Jutsu. Soke Rubiano also has instructed the military police in defense and apprehension tactics.


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