Any disavantage of not having glasses or contact lenses in a MMA fight?

Question:In MMA fight, no glasses and contacts are allowed.
so the question is..
is there a real disavantage not wearing glasses or contact lenses , that will make me lose a fight? (i wear glasses, with diffucullty seeing from a certain distance. prescription is -1.5.)
will it affect my reflects? or anything else?


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You prescription is pretty low. I got -2.75 and I can see pretty good. Not crystal sharp tho.

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definitely your reflexes would be slightly slower. However, would u rather have shards of glass poking into your eye than just a normal bruised eye?

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If you can't see that far you'd probably lose because your reflexes would slow down and you might not be able to see where your opponent is.

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That sucks! How about Lasik or the such should really improve your game.
If you continue to fight justify getting eye surgery.

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