A new Martial Art to learn? Any suggestions?

I have studied both Muay Thai and Krav Maga. I would like to try a new Martial Art, but can't decide what to try next. I dislike using gloves, although don't mind using the sort that are used in UFC, or mixed martial arts (MMA). I dislike floor work, such as grappling. Can anyone suggest a new art to try?


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Well you would most likely want to do Shaolin Kung Fu and/or Shotokan Karate or Chun Kuk Do Karate or Tae Kwon Do. Shaolin Kung Fu doesn't use gloves and it doesn't have much floor work.

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Try the ancient Art of Ecce Thump.

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Tang Soo Do.
Okinawa Kobudo.

Karate? Can u give me some Info plz?

For the past 10 years I've been learning and teaching Kenpo, check out those video clips on the web or even youtube.com Kenpo demos awesome self defense.

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How about fencing? It is a highly skilled martial art and Bruce Lee himself studied it. It makes you a lot faster and more flexible for other martial arts.

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freestyle karate and muay thai compliment each other very well.

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Jeet Koon Do or Kenpo would work for stand-up. You could try out Aikido which would teach throws and locks, although you would spend the early parts of your training learning how to fall and roll which you might not enjoy. You could try western Boxing to compliment your Muay Thai. Maybe something more acrobatic like Wushu.

You could also go in a whole different direction and try Kendo.

You have told us what you don't like, but without knowing what you DO like, it's hard to recommend any style.

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Try Aikido. Its aparently the art of self defence. for more info check out the British Aikido Association website...just google it.

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Try jujitsu that way you will know grappling too Shito Ryu is my main art and I love it very much but I would say Tai Chi has helped me the most with focus and precision. But really its up to you choose something that compliments YOUR style.

Martial Arts?

well i've never heard of either of those that you took. I would go for soo bahk do, I take it now, and it's pretty interesting. It's basically all self-defense.. i haven't used gloves yet, since you don't like them.. lol
well good luck!

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Not much of Martial Arts, but its fun to learn Ninjutus. You can learn fun stuff like aiming (i think) maybe swords, and of coarse, kicking and punching. GO ON WIKIPEDIA FOR MORE OPTIONS/ INFO ON NINJUTSU

TKD and Aikido practitioners only.?

Try a stand up art such as Tae Kwon Do or Karate.

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how about kempo

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Considering what you have already traind in, I would say that one of the Kung Fu styles would be the way to go, Wing Chun, Choy Lay Fut, Hung Gar, or maybe one of the animal styles, Tiger, White Crane, Snake or Eagle Claw would comp0liment what you have already learned. Also there is a Korean style called HwaRang Do that is excellent and would fit right in with your previous training.

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Hung gar, and shaolin

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Kajukenbo-Americas first mixed martial art .

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How about the progressive art of Choi Kwang Do no grappling involved

Which is the best Martial Art As sport? Taekwodno ,Kungfu, Ninga etc.?

Where did you study Krav Maga? Classes are so hard to find, I would have e-mailed you to ask this but you do not accept incoming mail, so posted here

What are some Martial Arts that incorporate the use of Fighting with Swords of all kinds?

Sounds like you're interested in practical methods. Why not try a Filipino Martial Art or maybe a form of Silat? If you are looking for something that is different from what you've done so far, look at Taijiquan or Aikido (or Aikijutsu) .

Any of these would offer some variety to what you've been exposed to and challenge you by learning to focus on methods involving less brute strenght and more energy dynamics.

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Aikido,wing chun,shotokan karate

might be a good start.

I love shotokan.but i want to konw witch one is better shotokan,tae kwan do,kickboxing.can u hellp me?

I've been training in full contact Taekwondo (GTF) for 4 years and it covers all disciplines. Pad work, fitness, destruction and of course sparring.

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my personal opinion is to try something like Okinawan Karate as it is a comp;lete system, it has katas but if you find a good school with an instructor who understands the applications for the kata its very good reality[streetwise]

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Hi there

I think the best way to go would be to try something new. As you have already studied Muay Thai and Krav Maga I think you would be better off trying a jutsu type art as this will cover areas that you may have not trained in before? There may be some ground work but it's not floor wrestling as such. My advice is try akido, jujutsu or taijutsu most of these arts also cover weapons so thats something else you may find useful. If you train in other impart arts such as karate or tae kwon do then you will be covering some familiar ground and may not get what you are looking for.

Remember though if you're going to learn a new art then be prepared to start at the beginning and learn the basics



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u can learn all you like but i could submit u in five seconds if you dont learn ground fighting

sambo bjj judo are all good ground fighting arts

add one of these with ur muay thai and ull be very well rounded

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I want to take up karate i am 25 is that un common to start this old at something like that?

Have a try of Hapkido, it's one of the less agressive martial arts that mainly focuses on locks, preasure points, grappling and throws.

What is your martial art ?

Wado ryu or Koshin ryu karate are both good. Sounds like you can already kick and punch pretty well so it shouldn't be too difficult to make good progress.

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Just start looking.

You have decided you dislike floor work, such as grappling. That eliminates such as aikido, hapkido, judo, and the like.

Do you want a style that is predominantly hand techniques, foot techniques, mixed? Do you want a style that includes, or is limited to weapons? If so... what weapon or weapons?

Just start looking around. I am certain if you did a search of youtube you could find videos demonstrating various arts. If there are Dojo/Dojang/Daguans in your area, visit them and watch a class.

I always suggest researching an Art you are interested in before seriously looking for the instructor. Then comes the fun of finding a good instructor!

Good luck!

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