Any good Bokken Technique books?

Hi all. Just wondered, does anyone know of any good books that describe Bokken Sword techniques? I know a few Katas but want to learn some more.


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Dave Lowry frequently travels throughout Asia to research its culture and history, and has written several books about Japan and the budo . He started writing for Black Belt magazine more than 20 years ago and has shared his look up some of his books

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Hi there

you many want to give these few a try all available on amazon.

Art Of Japanese Swordsmanship: Manual Of Eishin-Ryu Iaido

Flashing Steel: Mastering Eishin-Ryu Swordsmanship

Practice Drills for Japanese Swordsmanship

Complete Kendo (Tuttle Martial Arts)

The Way of Kendo and Kenjitsu: Soul of the Samurai

Japanese Sword Fighting: Secrets of the Samurai

Also take a look at some of the DVD's available

Try or



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There is also:

A brain teaser?

If you want to learn techniques then go to a Dojo and get proper instruction.
You cannot learn these from reading a book all it teaches you are bad habits.

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try ebay

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Ye! Go Dave Lowry! But why did I give a thumbs up to the answer that says go to a real live instructor in a class? Can you send me brief details of the Kata's you know? Just starting in this area (weapons) ... not any help am I? Tee-hee

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not reall a bokken book but one of the great classics and must reads in the field of the Japanese sword arts
The book of five rings by Myamoto Musashi.
it teaches you a lot about stances, guards, ways to hold the sword etc.
e.g. one of the greatest lessons I took from it is that a true master must master the sword with the same ease with one hand as with both.
Great stuff and great readings from the greatest classical sword master.

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