Any internal martial art schools near Harlingen Texas?

I am looking for a combat oriented school. I am willing to travel to Mcallen and Brownsville. I would prefer Tai Chi, any style, but would be fine with any internal style.


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Yes, take a look at this one:

Quick martial arts dojo survey. Questions in detail section.?

The first question you should ask is:

"Do you do push hands?"

If the answer is no, that school only teaches form(s).
They don't even get into the martial arts side of it.

Depending on the school, you may spend quite some time perfecting your Tai Chi form (a year or more) before you start doing any push hands methods with an opponent/partner.

First you spend a lot of time MASTERING YOURSELF before you even start THINKING ABOUT interacting with another person.

There are seven stages of learning Tai Chi as a Martial art:

1. Chi energy warm ups.
2. Solo form.
3. Self defense practices with a cooperative opponent.
4. Push hands.
5. Sparring games
6. Transition between Push Hands and fighting.
7. Unrehearsed sparring.

You may also want to learn a Tai Chi weapon form.
For the most part, only 4 weapons are taught:
Jian (straight doubled edged sword),
Pole and,

If you look long and hard you may be able to find a person who teaches the walking stick or the fan.
(I practice a Walking Stick form myself.)

How much training would be essential for these people?

I am in Texas and have a MMA studio, I dont know where Harlingen Texas is, but I have heard of Brownsville.. for more inot and location plz call 903-930-4599

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