Am I a ninja ? i wear face paint and a judo clothes ?



Are there any other shotokan katah apart from the old ones?

NO, you are no Ninja. To be a Ninja, you must first complete a "Ninternship" under a true Ninja consisting of no less than a full MONTH of training in the mysterious art of Tai Bo. During week one, you will learn how to jumpflip backwards into trees, run along walls, and clean your Gi by simply punching all dirt and odor from it.
Week 2 consists of walking through walls (preferrably without getting stuck- you do NOT want your book club to come over and see your rear end sticking partially out of your front room wall), turning Ninvisible, dividing by zero, touching MC Hammer, and ALWAYS knowing the exact location of Carmer San Diego.
Week 3 involves punching so fast that people actually get hit yesterday. These punches actually alter DNA so that years after you hit someone, their children will clutch their heads and say "HEY!! WHAT WAS THAT!!??""
Week 4 you work on Brokeback Mountain. No not the movie about gay cowboys, but the pile of dead pirates in your backyard. You find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, and how to smell fear.
Graduation occurs when you can jumpstart cars but putting cables on your nipples, and take a shower by riding a 9 foot tall Grizzly Bear through a car wash. Extra credit involves stretching a daimond until it becomes coal again.
Those lucky enough to survive the Ninternship in a month that has 5 weeks will get the added benefits of learning the last digit of Pi, how to Ninjasize your meals at Burger King, and how to destroy viruses while being on the Ninjascopic level yourself.
Face Paint and Judo clothes?? Geez, you have less of a life than I do...
(MUCH props to Ask a Ninja)

About sais?

No, you're just a weeaboo.

What do you guys think about the HBO/UFC deal?

Weird man..

Example of the Taekwondo Black Belt Written test?

In my country we say: It is not the vestments that make a priest. You get it?

Did u know ufc bought pride?

I think that makes you a master of wierdo - fu . LOL

I am 19 I am brasilian and italian i always played sports in high school now i want to learn muay thai?

no, your not a ninja unless you are a high ranking martial artist, not some guy who dresses up in Halloween costumes with face paint for fun.

Closing your fist before impact equals more power?


Should women wear cups for grappling like bjj?

If you had to ask, you know the answer!

A real ninja would never tell anyone.

Anybody interested in a multi arts seminar in march 2007? are some guy wearing face paint and a gi.

What were the results for the latest ufc?

You may be so secretive that you haven't even told yourself that you are.

You are one scary Ninja

Bruce Lee - Beyond Overated?

your a tool

Whats the best martial arts?

Are you an astronaut if you wear a goldfish bowl on your head?
therein lies your answer. A clown suit won't make u funny and a white coat won't make you a doctor. Do you think that a Gi (karate suit in case you didn't know) and some face paint will make u a Ninja? Tell me what you think.

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