Anyone else think Judo is an underrated fighting style? Isn't it good against most styles in real fight?

If you take a Judo player who has worked a bit on the self defense aspect of Judo I think you have a very dangerous fighter. The main reason is that in real world scenarios you will often be on the cement or street. In that case one good throw could easily mean the end. Against good strikers the Judo player would have to avoid the first couple punches or kicks and then have to close the distance. Good Judo fighters close and throw so as soon as the space is closed the throw comes. Also against Jujitsu players the Judo fighter still has a chance because the initial throw which he will most likely land could dibelitate the Jujitsu fighter assuming the fight happened on a hard surface.


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Good answers so far, great point as well with your question.

Even Sport Judo is highly effective, because if you do well in tournaments against someone who not only knows what you are doing but is unable to stop it, then your technique is truly effecient.

I can tell you from a lot of practical experience that Judo is great on the street. I worked as a bouncer for years, and since it is looked down on for you to hand the cops some bloodied and beaten guy, Judo has served me very well. I never had any problem closing the distance and getting fast effective and devasting throws. A good throw is like a good right cross, I have knocked guys out with throws, and at the very least given myself two or three seconds by dazing and disorienting my victim.

Add to the fact the extreme effectiveness of chokes, the ability to control and maintain dominant positions once it gets to the ground, and to me it has one the most effective ways to defend yourself not to mention the ability to control an opponent, with the option to end a fight with little to no injuries for either party, or if you chose to completely maim an opponent.

Personally, as my job required me to be in a place at a regular basis, I chose to not go around hurting a bunch of people who could come and shoot me one night. So a quick throw, controlled position with a choke, or choking the guy out standing up, usually ends a situation and doesn't cause injury to a guy where he might want to carry a grudge.

I have studied a variety of Martial Arts, and Judo is one of those things I used in every single confrontation I have had to deal with. (Though on occassion Thai clinches, knees, and elbows have served me well heheh)

Good thread.

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It's a fantastic form of martial arts. Most self defense classes incorporate it, and most police officers are trained in it.

It's underrated because it's a defensive style, and it's not flashy like Jujitsu. Nor is the intent to harm your partner or attacker. That's why it's not as popular as karate or Jujitsu, where you are the attacker.

Think about it, would Bruce Lee movies be interesting if he were to fight with Jujitsu? Hardly.

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Your main objective in a fight is usually to end the fight either by debilitating the opponent or by escaping. I think judo is possibly the best style to accomplish that goal.

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Judo's main benefit (aside from any techniqes taught- there are shitty judo teachers too you know) I believe is its ability to train (and the fact that schools do) train hard all the time.

There is minimal need to worry about certain safety as might be required to practice a striking oriented art.
There are gaps because there are when you train under any ruleset, but training hard with rules is infinately better than training soft or tip tap point sparring without, as it is closer to real intensity and you just have to recognize the gaps and find a way to close them realizing that this is a weakness.

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I'll tell you what Robert...tell me where you live and we will find out whether or not my Judo a$s will kick your "real fight" a$s...mmmmokay..and what exactly is a "real" fighter?

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Like many other styles, Judo can be effective self defense. Like many other styles, there are good & bad schools. Like many other styles, some learn Judo as sport, others learn Judo as self defense. It depends on your focus.

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ummm.what judomofo said

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I am student of both bjj and judo. I think both are very effective styles that compliment each other very well. In order to take the fight to the ground you must be able takedown your opponent and finish them. I feel the best takedown artists in MMA are Karo Parisyan and Randy Coutoure. The problem with Judo is the outlawed techniques such as neck cranks and lower body submissions as well as always training with a gi all the time. I defintely feel Judo is an underated style or just takedowns are not practiced enough by MMA fighters.

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Judo can be effective in the street if the player trains correctly.
It is tough to say it is superior or inferior to other styles. It all depends on the quality and frequency of the players training.
But I agree, a good judo toss onto a unyielding surface will end most scenarios. That is unless the person being tossed knows how to land. We have people from different styles that train with us, we are pretty familiar with many styles so it is possible a person like this could be encountered, hypothetically speaking.

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You think?What with?

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I feel like its placed correctly. I personally have never been in a fight, I avoid them at all costs. If some guy is talking sh*t on me, I might verbally reply, but if its not going anywhere...i'll just walk away and let him win the verbal fight. I've done this a lot.

So at the same time, with as much effort as i take to avoid fights. I feel if someone does throw a punch at me. Its might right to atleast break a few bones.

Judo i feel is too soft. If anything, go for juijitsu. I feel like the point at the end of the day..
with judo its to win a medal..bronze is good
juijitsu.either you or your opponent is alive...just 1 of you though

Now i dont' think judo is a bad art...In my style...tang so doo. We incorporate judo..we also quite frequently have guest from judo schools partake in our classes and then are asked to teach us.

I think as an art alone though, its not that great.

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Imagine an osoto gari on the hard street! Watch Masahiko Kimura's osoto gari, it is truely fast and devastating.

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Judo can work as well as any other style . Many styles have been underrated lately because of mixed martial arts .

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