"The Cold Shoulder" Plus "taking without asking"?

The head instructor and his sempi are going to far. I began training in Aikido many years ago, just me and the instructor. Then 8mo. later others joined. Those two were always shady and I had been told to watch out for them. I opened up with some ideas that I had for my school and then lo and behold it turns up in "their" system. They told me I'd be apart of helping but when it came time they would have "secret meetings" without others. Now those two will not even talk to me. Showed up one day and both wouldn't even say hi, total cold shoulder. Inst. took the name of system from a guy in japan, just changed one letter of the sytle. Did same to me. My only issue is that if I want to keep training in that system, which I do, They are the only ones for 50 mile that teach Aikido. I've expressed my issues with them. They say one thing but do another. The sempi said he brought the rights to the style and it's his, he'll do as he pleases with it. Inst. seems to go along.


Has anyone successfully ordered and received an iaito via the internet, from Japan? Were there any problems?

This does not sound good - move onto a new club, put it down to experience

Do you have your own training equiptment?

OK... if it was me i probably done the same to them. First: talk. What issues they have towards you and can it be solved. All that "secrets" ext... sorry, mate.. start your own training and i am pretty sure you can find someone who will train with you. Good Luck. P.S. You have to be comfortable with your instructors. If not- get away from them

Are ninjas really no more?

Well, in their defense it's very rude to mention you're starting up your own school to your instructors. At any rate you don't sound like someone who is ready to teach, you need to find yourself a real Aikido class, with real instructors who are licensed.

Would a Wing Tsun fighter defeat a Ju Jitsu fighter?

Best advice is to get away from them, I certainly would not train under someone I couldn't respect. I am also wary of people who set up their own style. In a large number (not all) of cases this is done by people who are just not good enough to make an impact in their original organisations. I train in Shotokan and went along to watch (out of interest) two other clubs in my local area. What I witnessed was woeful and barely resembled the shotokan I practice. I have trained with people such as Kawasoe, Naito, Ochi and Tsuyama. When I told this story to my instructor lo and behold both clubs were run by people who had broken away from him years ago. My concern is that the pupils in these clubs are being short changed and not learning anything of value. Incidentally both instructors claimed to be 4th dan and I know my son who is a recent 2nd dan would wipe the floor with both of them.

What's wrong here?! This is the DUMBEST problem! Why don't my karate classmates like me? Three women in

the sempai brought the rights?i find that a bit hard to believe.try doing some business searches etc.get your facts right then deal with it.try finding out who the guys are above them if theres any and speak to them about it.if you dont get any satisfaction just get them one at a time where theres no witnesses flog the * out of them and move on and chalk it up to experience.

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